8099 Apple revealed details about original platform for self-driving cars

Apple revealed details about original platform for self-driving cars

For several years, the network rumors that Apple is developing its own self-driving car or a platform for self-driving cars. “Apple” Corporation has hired many specialists from different companies associated with the creation of cars. Last week, the traffic Department in California has allowed Apple to test self-driving cars on public roads. Following this, Apple has published a document detailing the security procedures and training for employees who will be working with a new platform and to act as a spare drivers to take control if need be.


According to these documents, Apple intends to use three Lexus RX450h 2015 model year, to test their own platform, called “Automated system for the Apple”. The company also will train six drivers who will be self-driving cars, in case you need control. Each driver must pass seven different tests, including basic ability to maneuver and control the vehicle in certain situations such as a tight turn or sudden acceleration.


The cars will be set handlebars and pedals Logitech, working in conjunction with the software for self-drive. If necessary, the driver can take the control in their hands. For that he will need to put your hands on the steering wheel or press on the brake pedal.

Probably, in the end, Apple will provide its platform to third-party car manufacturers as it comes with CarPlay.

Source: slashgear.com

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