Apple Watch Series 3 officially

Apple Watch Series 3 officially

As you know, Apple is holding an event in the “Theatre of Steve jobs”. In this presentation, we showed a new version of “smart” watches Apple Watch Series 3. I want to mention one interesting fact, at the moment these watches are the most popular clock in the world. Apple managed to overtake such companies as Rolex and Fossil.

Apple Watch Series 3

In the promotional video the company put emphasis on the fact that the watches are completely moisture and dust resistant. In addition, the new model is embedded SIM card, thus they will be completely independent from your smartphone. And as previously anticipated, Apple Watch Series 3 have the red button, which we already saw on various “plums” in the network.

Apple Watch Series 3

As the processor uses a second-generation chip with two cores, which is 50% more energy-efficient previous generation. Also thanks to the new processor, voice assistant Siri will now be able to answer you voice. As for Wi-Fi, now it will work on 85% faster. Therefore, the connection and synchronization will decrease significantly.

Характеристики Apple Watch Series 3

Price and availability in the market

If you need a new watch, but there is no need for the SIM card for you Apple introduced a watch of the new generation without SIM cards, it will cost you 329 USD. Modification hours with LTE support has a price tag of $ 399.

Стоимость Apple Watch Series 3

Pre-order Apple Watch Series 3, it will be possible to leave on the 15th in the sale of the watch will be available on September 22. Along with the watch will debut a new version of the operating system, watch OS 4.

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