Artificial intelligence from Microsoft broke the world record in Ms. Pac-Man

The fact that artificial intelligence is able to write songs, create trailers and even driving a car is no surprise. But the fact that he manages to beat the person in such unpredictable games, like poker or go, still stirs people’s minds. Recently, researchers from Microsoft Research and start-UPS in the field of deep learning Maluuba taught the AI to play the iconic arcade game Ms. Pac-Man. However, “taught” is an understatement.


Artificial intelligence is not just mastered the game. It is by a wide margin broke the world record of 266 360 points established by the person, and dialled 999 990 points — the maximum possible in the game result.

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In the process of learning AI method was used “hybrid architecture arcades”, which is the appointment of 150 special programs-agents one specific task. In this case, they were required to avoid ghosting, right to move around and collect pellets. With the help of these software agents artificial intelligence of their own priorities to achieve the best result.

Ms. Pac-Man

Used during test version of Ms. Pac-Man for the legendary Atari 2600 was chosen for a reason. Code games it is much less predictable than in the original. This, as you might guess, complicated AI task. But it wouldn’t hurt to succeed. As believed by researchers, the achievement of artificial intelligence is not just self-indulgence. It contributed to natural language processing and, in the long term, can form the basis of systems detailed predictions of consumer behavior due to, as we know, many factors.

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