As traffic reagents affect alloy wheels

As traffic reagents affect alloy wheels

Alloy wheels are one of the most common and popular among drivers around the world. As we know, demand creates supply, so the production of such products has a huge scale.

In this article we will talk about how are the alloy wheelswhich they have advantages, and differ from forged and fabricated steel disks, and also about how to protect alloy wheels from damage and effects of road chemicals.

Briefly: the production and the advantages of alloy wheels

Как дорожные реагенты влияют на литые диски - производствоMethod of making cast or, as they are called, alloy wheels, specified already in their title. These discs are made from various alloys and are cast using a pre-prepared special forms. Material for cast wheels serve as aluminum, magnesium, and other alloys. After casting the discs produced by their heat treatment. The discs are heated to 500-550 degrees Celsius, and then abruptly cooled in water. After this tempering, the alloy becomes structurally unstable state, so to gain drives the structural balance is re-heated to 150-200 degrees Celsius, and further aging at this temperature for 3-8 hours, after which the alloy is naturally cooled in air.

Then machining of the finished castings and applied to the protective coating. You need to consider that the properties of alloy wheels depend on many different factors, among which are: the composition of the alloy, as a form for casting, the method of final machining and painting. For this reason, try not to acquire cheapest models, since such indicators as reliability and shock resistance can be at the best level.

The main advantages of alloy wheels:

  1. Great appearance and great selection of different options. Alloy wheels will give your car an individual style and “refresh” it;
  2. Method for the production of discs allows you to achieve maximum accuracy and a perfect balancing, which will greatly reduce the wear of the steering gear and the bearings.
  3. The light weight alloy wheels reduce the inertia of the wheels of the car, making it faster to accelerate and easier to stop.
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What alloy wheels are different from forged and fabricated steel?

Nowadays in the market you can find several types of disks: cast, forged and stamped steel.

Как дорожные реагенты влияют на литые диски - сравнениеCompared to steel wheels, alloy models are lighter. Their average weight differs from stamped counterparts by 30-40 percent, which is reflected in the load on the chassis, ride and drivability. In addition, as we mentioned above, the appearance of a more modern cast wheels, so they make the car much more solid and attractive.

Forged wheels generally are made of the same metal, and cast, but the technology of their production is different. Alloy wheels are poured using special forms and blanks are stamped forged under high temperature and pressure. After that forged wheels are processed on special machines, where they cut out the elements.

It should be noted that alloy wheels, in comparison with the forged and stamped are more fragile. The bounce is forged and forged wheels will bend, but not break, while alloy wheels in most cases, after a very severe shock can not be recovered.

From the point of view of design forged wheels are much inferior cast. The latter have a wider variety and are installed on most of the cars ranging from models of the middle level, while the forged wheels, normally mounted on inexpensive cars and SUVs.

Perhaps the most significant difference between alloy and steel wheels is their cost. Simple steel stamped discs are quite inexpensive, while pleasure and beauty, as you know, you have to pay. Price of alloy wheels can several times exceed the cost of the forged and the stamped models.

The effect of road reagents for alloy wheels

Как дорожные реагенты влияют на литые диски - реагентыIn winter the road service roads liberally sprinkled with various chemicals. It can be solid or liquid mixture. The main component of most mixtures is often salt, which corrodes all unprotected parts of the car, including the wheels.

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If your car is equipped with forged or cast wheels of aluminum alloys, know that they need proper care. Such disks is not able long to resist the attacks of the mixtures, which strew roads in the winter, especially if they are already damaged protective coating. For cleaning alloy wheels you can use foam cleaners and special formulations, which cover them with a protective layer.

Methods of protection of alloy wheels

Alloy wheels and tires can be damaged easily “caught” a hole with sharp corners, or hit the edge of the sidewalk. Damage to the lateral part of the tyre may lead to the formation of “bumps”, which eventually could explode or crack. In the case of a shock from the cast disc can tear the edge, which may lead not only to loss of appearance, but also to the descent of the wheel. To protect alloy wheels from this type of damage produced tires with special rubber lapel (rubber ledge on the lateral side). This turn increases the chance that You don’t damage your expensive alloy wheels in contact with the pit. Of course, from strong shocks such lapel of your CDs will not protect, however, if You accidentally ran over while Parking on the sidewalk, it will definitely come in handy.

Another way to protect alloy wheels from damage are silicone rings. They are manufactured in a universal size suitable for most discs.

Как дорожные реагенты влияют на литые диски - силиконовые кольцаTo protect alloy wheels from reagents and impurities is used a special nano-coating. It is a product based on nanotechnology, which makes the wheel discs water-repellent and dirt-repellent properties. In addition, thanks to the stable nanofilm, the disk adheres less dust from brake pads.

Как дорожные реагенты влияют на литые диски - нанопокрытиеHow to protect alloy wheels with silicone tape:

  • 1. Wash the wheels and wipe them dry. The disks should be as clean as possible;
  • 2. Well, degrease the installation location silicone tape. Generally, the degreasing agent is supplied;
  • 3. Handle the installation place the primer with just a swipe. The primer also comes;
  • 5. Wait about 10 minutes until the primer dries;
  • 6. Gradually removing the protective film, gently apply the tape to the disk. Using scissors, remove the excess tape.
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In the case of rings, the procedure will be the same, but cut nothing have, as they are clearly under the size of the disks.

How to protect alloy wheels with nanocoating:

  • 1. Before applying coating, clean the special tool wheels and Polish them;
  • 2. Before use, thoroughly shake the container with nanoreactor;
  • 3. Apply nanoreactor on the cloth and evenly apply it to the surface of the disks;
  • 4. After 5-7 minutes after application carefully Polish the rims with a dry cloth. In order for the best effect, dry surface. Within 2-3 hours after treatment do not touch the disc surface and do not use chemicals for cleaning.

Nano-coating is preferably applied at temperatures from +5 to +25°C. During application, avoid contact with the treated surface to direct sunlight. Do not use the tool if the disc surface is processed by polishing with a content of silicone, wax or Teflon. In this case, carefully clean, degrease and dry the discs, and only then proceed to apply the funds. For polishing disks after and during application of the coating it is not recommended to use towels made of microfiber.


Now You know how are alloy wheels and what benefits they have over forged and stamped steel models. If You want your discs as long as possible remained in good condition, they need regular grooming. Don’t forget to handle disks nano (especially in winter), and if You frequently drive on bad roads, use tyres with a rubber lapel, silicone rings, or silicone tape. This way You will reduce the chance of disk corruption and tires in case of falling into a pit or hitting any bump.

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