ASUS is one of the most powerful gaming graphics card in the world

AMD previously announced card RX Vega, which bypassed the competition in performance and pretend to be the most powerful graphics cards in 2017. Meanwhile, ASUS has decided to squeeze out the graphics cards everything is new from the Taiwanese brand will combine on one Board the two Vega 10 with a power consumption of 600 watts. Users assume that as a result, ASUS will turn the world’s most powerful gaming graphics card.

Radeon RX Vega

According to rumors, last week, AMD has allowed the vendors to work on your map design on the base chip 10 Vega, Vega Vega 10 XL and 10 XT. If the leak proves true, the ASUS got the green light to release the graphics performance of 50 teraflops and a half exactly and 25 TFlops for FP32-calculations. Interestingly, the consumption of the card is 600 watts — in this case, liquid cooling is not a privilege but a necessary measure.


Recall, ASUS has released dual Radeon HD7970, which became the world’s fastest graphics cards and were the first to use liquid cooling. It is expected that innovations on the basis of Vega 10 will go on sale in limited quantities, and for ASUS this release will be a proof of leadership among manufacturers of graphics cards.


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