8597 Audio recordings of Vkontakte got a new design, advertising and paid features

Audio recordings of Vkontakte got a new design, advertising and paid features

Аудиозаписи ВКонтакте получили новый дизайн, рекламу и платные функции

Social network Vkontakte has updated its music section both in browsers and in app on Android.

Audio 2.0

Updated VK now called Audio 2.0. On the social network page is a section “Audio recording” option has been added to the “Music”. The section has an updated design, new playlists, better navigation, and most of the songs got a cover.


Earlier there was albums, now Vkontakte has got playlists. The new playlist contains a hundred tracks, and you can add it yourself by pressing one button. In addition, he is attached to write on the wall or sent in the message. Custom playlist can appeal to other participants in Vkontakte, they can subscribe to it and watch for updates. And for tracking the popularity of the author’s collections, playlists tightened counters auditions and the number of signatories.


Recommendations in addition to the recommended songs, now includes many new selections, ranging from popular novelties, to playlists from the music community, groups, friends or subscribers.


Listen to the music in the web version of Vkontakte is still free. But the song is overshadowed by the regular advertisements between tracks.

App on Android

Music the updates applied to the application Vkontakte for Android. In addition to the new improvements and modifications, the owners of smartphones can’t listen to the cached music. Or rather you can, but now it will have to pay. If you update the app, and then try to include a song, then crashes with the following message “For listening to music without the Internet you need to install the app BOOM and subscribe”. After installing a third-party application to listen to free music only the first thirty days, and that advertising between songs. Then you need to buy a subscription. Its price is 149 rubles per month. Music for iOS users Vkontakte had been missing since the fall of 2016.

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