AutoTagger: here is a musical collection in order

I think everyone who loves music, cares about cleanliness and order in your music library. I do not want to see player unknown artists and albums, no covers. Besides, I am not going to edit the tracks and albums individually, and look for the missing tags manually. AutoTagger can automatically find the tags and cover art, change the file names to template, edit all the tracks in an album or all albums by artist, numbered tracks, and this is not a complete list of features of the application.

Platform: Android

Version: 2.1.1

Russian interface: Yes

Requirements: Android 4.4+

Category: Music editor

Before the full batch tag editors was only for Windows, but for Android they were not at all. AutoTagger makes up for this omission.

Meet on clothes — an application that is made in a clean unobtrusive style Material Design, looks fresh. Despite the great functionality, its interface is as intuitive.

Edit songs

The easiest way to start exploring the app — edit of one song. The application is able to edit the files in the main music formats: mp3 (id3v1, id3v2 tags), flac, m4a. Along with editing themselves tags, AutoTagger records information in database Android. For devices running OS Android 5.0, also supports recording to an SD card.


Tags you can edit any track name, album, artist, disc number and track, comment, year, genre and lyrics. Don’t forget about the possibility to edit the skin: AutoTagger will load them automatically only in high quality and will give you a choice. And, you can remove the cover, you can choose it from the “Gallery” or save there.

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But not necessarily doing it all manually: AutoTagger can automatically find the tags and cover art for songs, just click on the orange button with the search icon. The app will analyze the existing tags and will show the result. Even if the song only mentions the name, the high chance that the search will be successful. But pure magic does not happen: if no tags, then there’s nothing to find. In such cases, helps the search parameters: you can manually configure what criteria to look for, and send the app to search.


Of the less important functions is the removal of the song, viewing the information (bit rate, path, sample rate, etc.), the opportunity to listen to the track and go to the album or artist.

Access to basic batch operations you can get, when you select multiple songs, albums or artists.


Batch editing of tags

Despite the simplicity of this function, it is very useful: you can combine albums and artists to put a new genre from all songs on the album or write a review. You can change the year and do almost all the tags available when editing a song.

Once the needed songs (albums or artists) is selected, the application scans their tags, and lists them in order so you can choose and compare. A list with the tags hidden under the spinners. It is worth to note that not all fields are saved, and only the changes — they are, respectively, marked as “changed”.

AutoTagger AutoTagger

The batch tag search

If the tracks have no tags, not to search for them for each track separately, you can run a batch search. The app analyzes all the selected tracks and displays the search results. The found tags are displayed in the bottom drop-down menu, as for one track, but adjusted for manual editing: added the button “Manually”, which can be used to correct tag found, taking into account already existing.

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After the tags for one track is selected, it is marked with a check mark to indicate that the track is ready to save. By clicking on the button “Save” will be saved, only the selected tracks.


To save: for songs no covers and not listed performers


After save information appeared

Batch rename

After all tracks have got correct tags and cover art, it remains only to restore order in the file names. In this case, it is useful to batch rename template masks. This can be, for example, the combination of album name, track, year of release, artist name. In AutoTagger all the masks and combination indicated on the screen of the rename options. And the result of their application can be viewed on an adjacent screen preview to compare old and new file names.

For example, for file _jimi_hendrix_all_along_watchtower(www.ru_).mp3 tags are written as follows:

%1 — Name — All Along the Watchtower

%2 — By The Jimi Hendrix Experience

%4 — Year — 1968

Applying the mask %1 — %2 (%4), you can get the new file name: All Along the Watchtower — The Jimi Hendrix Experience (1968).mp3. Masks you can create yourself.

AutoTagger AutoTagger

Numbering tracks

This option allows to assign to all tracks in the album. The numbering is especially useful when listening to the album in its original track order. For starters, AutoTagger will analyze existing track numbers and make a list, given this information. To change the track number, simply drag it to the desired position in the list.

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Combining numbering and batch rename, you can specify all tracks in the album in the correct numbers, and then rename it with the number of the track and then all file names will also contain the track numbers.


Also worth mentioning is the built in media scanner. When transferring music from PC to phone is not necessary to restart the phone or wait when the system “sees” new music, enough to run media scanner in AutoTagger.

Likewise all the batch functions are available in the app batch delete albums, tracks and artists.


The app is free but has a limit on all kinds of batch editing: over time, you can edit up to three songs and two albums, or artists. The limitation can be removed by purchasing the Pro version.



  • a large number of batch operations;
  • automatic search of tags;
  • built-in media scanner;
  • browse by folder;
  • rich navigation.


  • no support for Android 4.0–4.3;
  • auto search does not always find a rare song;
  • not working with damaged audio files.

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