Best mobile games and apps of the year according to Google

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Best mobile games and apps of the year according to Google

Google has named the finalists of the annual awards Google Awards 2017. This year the prizes went to applications in 12 categories, including “Best embodiment of the VR/AR experiences”, “Best social value”, “Best multiplayer game”, “Best indie game”, etc. award Winners will be known on may 18, but the nominees are already known.

Like last year, the finalists were choosing teams from various divisions of Google, dealing with relevant products and categories. The main requirements for the nominees are a high user rating and good technical implementation. In addition, the application must be fresh or you can leave no earlier than April 2016, or to obtain during this time a significant upgrade.

Among the finalists are apps from China, Brazil, Vietnam, South Korea, etc. products of Ukrainian Software developers in this rating was not included.

Listed below are the finalists Awards Google 2017, by category.

The category of “Outstanding indie app”:

  1. Causality
  2. Kingdom: New Lands
  3. Mars: Mars
  4. Mushroom 11
  5. Reigns

The category of “Outstanding startup”:

  1. CastBox
  2. Discord
  4. Simple Habit

Category “Best app for Android Wear”:

  1. Seven
  2. Bring!
  3. Lifesum
  4. Foursquare City Guide
  5. Runtastic Running & Fitness

Category “Best TV app”:

  1. Netflix
  2. Red Bull TV
  3. Haystack TV

The category of “Best VR app”:

  1. The Turning Forest
  2. Gunjack 2
  3. The Arcslinger
  4. Virtual Virtual Reality
  5. Mekorama VR

Category “the Best AndR-app”:

  1. Dinosaurs Among Us
  3. Crayola Color Blaster
  4. Holo

Category “Best app for kids”:

  1. Toca Vacation
  2. Hot Wheels: Race Off
  3. Animal Jam — Play Wild!
  4. Think! Think!
  5. Teeny Titans

Category “Best multiplayer game”:

  1. FIFA Mobile
  2. Dawn of Titans
  3. Modern Strike Online!
  4. Lords Mobile
  5. Hearthstone
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Category “Best app”:

  1. Fabulous
  2. Memrise
  3. Money Lover
  4. Quik
  5. Citymapper

Category “Best game”:

  1. Choices
  2. Transformers: Forged to Fight

The category of “Best accessibility” (apps for people with disabilities):

  1. Eye-D
  2. Open Sesame
  3. A Blind Legend
  4. IFTTT
  5. SwiftKey Symbols

Category “Best social impact”:

  1. Peek Acuity
  2. Sea Hero Quest
  3. Charity Miles
  4. ShareTheMeal
  5. Prodeaf

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