Between the first and the second: what to do while waiting for the rollers?

What do you do in anticipation of loading, the connection with the server, or shlopotat ban for rejected match “Dote”? As a rule — nonsense. This, of course, mean the minute — who counts them at all? But minutes add up to hours, and in those days, if you play long enough. And so it turns out that a big part of my life you are, figuratively speaking, picking his nose. Rather of wasting time in vain! We offer you 10 ways to spend time not only fun, but also for the benefit of the common cause.

To watch the pathetic movie

Rambo rhetoric perfectly comes in between the rollers, and most importantly — gives strength for new victories. There are also good fatherly suggestion rocky Balboa, and the speech of Aragorn at the gates of Mordor, and the sacramental “here you are shit!” in execution of a warrant officer Dygalo, and a reminder of Alexander the great that to die free is much better than to live a slave. But in terms of emotion Samuel L. Jackson in the film pulp fiction has no equal — his speech motivates the train: either you — or you. The third is not given.

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Although the meaning of such suggestions is simple — say, you still die, but with enthusiasm and dignity — isn’t that the same thing happens in multiplayer games? The hero is a good movie not bad advice. Unless, of course, flaming the verb will not breathe in the valiant prowess Leeroy Jenkins.


To look into the social network

And to post something like “console is dead” and “play pirates — and nothing”, “my Saami writes better than this author, again on 4PDA advertising instead of articles”, and then to heat energy of the room a jet seat. Enjoy the debate, in short. Or ban those who post the same thing in the same social network — because you can’t be in the sky two suns. It also does not take much time, but it will bring moral satisfaction.

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Между первой и второй: что делать в ожидании катки?

In addition, there is faster and more convenient way to learn about news, meme and fresh cockroaches in the minds of friends. Do not forget about the most economical compliment possible — I slapped the like. Achievable in a single click, all good, but, alas, not helps to leave the friend zone.


Drop and do push-UPS

Whiling away the monitor in the evening, any debonding, turn sour, end up being health problems — from the banal fatigue to back pain, the joints of the hands and, sorry, ass. That’s why five minutes of exercise never hurt anyone. You don’t need exercise machines, dumbbells with weights, coach with whistle — just wrung out from a floor that prostimulirujte a whole group of muscles. Starting with neck and ending with the same ass. Not to look drischom with loose binuhay or a person, whose right arm is much stronger than the left — at the time.

Между первой и второй: что делать в ожидании катки?

Too lazy to leave the chair, do not even have to get up from the computer: knead your neck, rotate your hands, lift the knees bent legs. Tired eyes — there are exercises for them. The doctor ordered to rotate them, writing the group of eight, alternately can focus on near and far, blinking and monitor the movement of a pencil in front of his nose.


To go to the toilet

The famous astronomer Tycho Brahe, after whom is named a crater on the moon, died during the feast of the bladder ruptures: the scientist was embarrassing to care about their own physiology in the presence of the king. But your opponents on the game — not the kings, nobles and even they can be called with a known caveat. Wait, if that.

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Между первой и второй: что делать в ожидании катки?

Plus the event is that it is compatible with most of the points below, and the game itself, because even on the potty, you can bring your computer.


To take out the trash

Everything in this world is relative, and only one constant current in any dimension: if time does not take out the trash, he would start to stink, and in advanced cases — and even to accumulate. Therefore, the interval between rollers can be used not only to clear my conscience in the chat — say, Pudge all have failed, and my business — but also to clean their own homes.

Между первой и второй: что делать в ожидании катки?

However, the spring in some regions makes such a trivial thing as taking out the trash in a post-apocalyptic quest with the risk of a cold, fall face in the dirt, and encounters with super mutants. But, as they say in such cases, it’s worth it.


To learn a poem

Without it you’re just a gamer, but with a couple of lines in the granaries of memory — the multi-faceted and versatile enthusiastic person. Of course, memorizing chapters of “Eugene Onegin” five minutes is not enough, but no one bothers to focus on the small format. Stanza after a pair of three readings overpower even round losers, and a short size is not short of talent. Here, for example, joked sentenced to death a poet in medieval France:

I am françois, which is not happy

Alas, will die a villain

And what is the weight of this ass

He will soon neck.

Между первой и второй: что делать в ожидании катки?

And as much as can be gleaned from the works of Omar Khayyam, who combined the life experiences of grated bread, and loving drunk with Eastern wisdom, stacking the Luggage in a short Rubaiyat. His works are easy to remember, to understand, and as easy to agree with them:

That wisely a life to live, ought to know a lot,

Two important rules to remember the beginning:

You better starve than horrible there,

And better be alone than with just anyone.


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To procure forage

Speaking of eating what I got: “Doshirak” himself some tea. And conquer online with an empty stomach — employment is strictly on an Amateur. But who is willing to spend a little more time than you need for a quick noodles, can make a hot sandwich, you need bread, sausage, cheese and, of course, microwave. Or cook the dumplings, adding spices and Bay leaf — Belissimo. Harmful? Well, wait for the cherries with a cherry and devour that stuff by the bucket without leaving your computer.

Между первой и второй: что делать в ожидании катки?

Snacks are an experienced gamer is preparing in advance: chips, nuts and crackers go great under rokowanie on mid. Drinks more and more difficult, because ahead of time you can stock up on beer, energy drinks or Cola, tea, coffee, hot chocolate will have to stand up and stomp to the kitchen. But no worries: the laptop you can take with you into any room, and finish the foe under a cosy Turks boiling on the stove.


Pat the cat

It is still unknown what is better — to pet a cat or win a game of “DotA”. Yes, and after the defeat in the match nothing will soothe the nerves as a soft and fluffy animal. Just make sure that the pet is positive, or will as streamers nicknamed SaraKate, which the cat knocked the eyes right during a break between games in shooter. Immediately obvious: a little stroking.

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What does “No cat”? Without it life is not the same. God has given Mike Farley — give the lawn. And who will be the sneaker to shit, scratching the chair, to compete with LEGO bricks on the frequency of contact under his feet, yelling that the owner opened the door, and then sit and stare at the door? It is the same.

When creating this material, neither ASUS ROG G701 not affected.

The author of the text: Alexander Burov


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