Bianchi is an Italian manufacturer of the iconic bikes

Bianchi is an Italian manufacturer of the iconic bikes

The Italian company Bianchi entered the market of Cycling, over 130 years ago. Today this manufacturer is part of the largest European concern Cycleurope, and is known worldwide as a leader in the production of reliable and quality rental of all types: road, mountain, urban, dirt and children.

During its existence the company Bianchi patented various inventions. The Italian manufacturer creates their bikes, using the latest technology, modern equipment and quality materials. Bikes Bianchi created by workers who love their job. Thanks to this company Bianchi managed to become a true legend in the history of Cycling and lead to victory many great Champions.

The history of the brand Bianchi

Bianchi - итальянский производитель легендарных велосипедов – история брендаFirst, the brand’s founder Edoardo Bianchi has brought to life their secret dream, and after his invention became the means through which people dream began to become reality. It was on the Bianchi bikes of many famous cyclists have won in competitions.

One of the most significant for the company Bianchi was in 2004 when the Athens Olympics won the Julian Absalon who competed in the Bianchi bike.

Since its Foundation the company never stops to develop. Of course, every year the model range of bicycles changed and improved, but a long tradition and specialises in Italian handwriting of the manufacturer remain unchanged. Nowadays the Bianchi bikes are an example of high quality, reliability and safety.

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The advantages of bikes Bianchi

Bianchi - итальянский производитель легендарных велосипедов – преимущества велосипедовThe main feature of Bianchi bikes is turquoise or blue-green colors, called “celeste”, by which they noticeably stand out among competitors.

There are several variants of this coloring, as during its existence, the shades modestly changed, but one thing is for sure – this color has become branded, and memorable.

For the production bikes Bianchi used modern materials and mechanisms, so they are very light and have excellent efficiency in high-speed races. Bikes Bianchi chosen by those who appreciate a comfortable ride and structural strength.

Bianchi - итальянский производитель легендарных велосипедов - фото 1Despite the fact that the signature Bianchi color Bicycle is turquoise, the manufacturer you can also find the bike white, black, green, and other colors.

The range of Bianchi bikes

Bianchi - итальянский производитель легендарных велосипедов - фото 2The product range Bianchi is really impressive. In the extensive lineup of this manufacturer you can find mountain bikes, fixed-gear bikes, and professional road racing instances, and all kinds of accessories. Many models regularly take part in the world famous bike race.

In the Bianchi range can be found as readily available, low cost options that are made on the basis of the frame from aluminum and more expensive bikes are designed for professionals.

The Italian company produces elegant, image, truly beautiful model. What is the only bike Bianchi Kuma 4600 white.

Bianchi - итальянский производитель легендарных велосипедов - фото 3Technology bikes Bianchi

Bianchi - итальянский производитель легендарных велосипедов - фото 4The company Bianchi would not have been able to get this far in the lead of florynka, if she had not created a new production technology and used the most innovative solutions. Probably the most present know-how of the company lies in the fact that the manufacturer sets at the ends of the forks bikes Bianchi panels of Kevlar, which is a very durable, lightweight, and at the same time reliable and safe material, and also sets the special feathers for vibration damping.

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Thanks to this innovation, Bianchi bicycles often receive awards and are leaders in the market. Racing bikes have very little weight so help to develop superior speed, which is the essential criterion in professional sports.

About the appearance and grace of bikes Bianchi can talk endlessly. Even the brake cables are routed inside the frame, making the bike look very elegant.

Bianchi - итальянский производитель легендарных велосипедов - фото 5Excellent appearance, various price range, wide model range, the Italian tradition – all this relates to the benefits bike Bianchi. If You want to buy a really decent bike, be sure to pay attention to this brand.

Bikes Bianchi — the choice of both novices and professionals

Bianchi - итальянский производитель легендарных велосипедов - фото 6If you want a bike for comfortable and safe walking, pay attention to models of Bianchi. These bikes are more reliable and provide long service life, allowing you to use the bike even a few generations.

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