9026 BlaBlaLines – a new service for daily trips

BlaBlaLines – a new service for daily trips

Edward Dvornichenko


BlaBlaLines – a new service for daily trips

I’m sure many have heard of a service like BlaBlaCar. It is a service to find travel companions: with it drivers can find passengers to share the cost of fuel, and passengers to find the driver to get the opportunity to comfortably and quickly reach for a very reasonable price.

The developers of the service BlaBlaCar has presented its new service – BlaBlaLines. As stated by the project Manager Frederick Masella, the new service is intended to replace people suburban and intercity transport — such as trains and intercity buses.

Unlike BlaBlaCar, which is more designed for single trips, the new service BlaBlaLines will allow drivers and passengers find companions on a permanent or long-term basis. It can be used every day to get, for example, to work. BlaBlaLines- Passengers will be able in real time to see availability at the car of the driver who installed BlaBlaLines, and drivers can immediately know if there is a wish on his route, as well as their location.

Today, the application BlaBlaLines is only available to users on the Android operating system and works only in some cities of France, however, we expect the appearance of service in Ukraine.

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