Blackview BV4000 too tight from the chest more “weave”. And what did you achieve?

Don’t know about Blackview BV4000? This rugged smartphone that you can take with you to the gym, not afraid to crush it with something heavy. The reliability of the device confirmed in the video: the machine with all his strength threw the wall and on the floor, used as a soccer ball, and then subjected him to screen more than 112 lbs. To the same Blackview BV4000 not drain your wallet, and is now available on AliExpress in three versions with a discount and gift.

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Video Blackview BV4000 withstood a series of tests: the smartphone was thrown against the wall and the pavement, tattooed on the leg and kicked at the concrete. Then, the gadget brought to the gym where on the screen put “pancakes” weight is 112.5 kg. On the results of testing the device remained fully functional.

Blackview BV4000

Case Blackview BV4000 is protected by standard IP68, which guarantees its resistance to the ingress of water and dust. Inside mounted Quad-core MediaTek processor MT6580A, 1 GB RAM, 8 GB storage, dual camera modules on 8 and 2 MP. The front panel of the model took the 4.7-inch HD display with protective glass Gorilla Glass 3. “On Board” BV4000 — 3 battery, 680 mAh and the operating system the developers have chosen Android 7.0 Nougat.

Blackview BV4000

There are only 2 days to buy the Blackview BV4000 at a discount. In addition, each buyer will receive a free silicone case for maximum protection of your smartphone from damage.

To know the cost Blackview BV4000 discount


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