10618 Blizzard can release a mobile game on Warcraft

Blizzard can release a mobile game on Warcraft

At the end of April on the website of Blizzard, was discovered open position, hinting that the company is looking for a person to develop mobile game. Then there were several theories regarding what it could be for the project. Many incline to the mobile versions of StarCraft, and Overwatch, as an employee of Blizzard, recently said that these games would look great on mobile devices. But according to recent reports, the company is focused on another popular franchise.


List of open positions on the Blizzard site was updated, and among the new requirements, FX-artist was seen very interesting point. The candidate must have “a passion to create images synonymous with the franchise of Warcraft”. It is possible, however, that Blizzard plans to release the sequel to its collectible card game Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft.

In addition to the mysterious mobile games Blizzard is working on another unannounced project. About him nothing is known, except that it will be a first person shooter.

Source: pcgamesn.com

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