8611 Bookmark OS — powerful and easy to use bookmark Manager

Bookmark OS — powerful and easy to use bookmark Manager

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Bookmark OS — powerful and easy to use bookmark Manager

The web browser is not always enough to keep on hand links to all necessary pages. It is better to use services like Bookmark OS that support tags, sorting, and smart functions for convenient work with bookmarks.

Display and sort bookmarks

Bookmark OS developers thought about making it easier for users to browse even a very large collection of bookmarks and quickly find the necessary elements. The service offers several display modes, references and allows you to group them using tags and folders.

Bookmark OS — мощный и удобный менеджер закладок – фото 1Bookmark OS interface is divided into two parts. On the left is a list of tags and folders tree. Clicking on any of them, You will see all the relevant tabs in the right part of the window in the form of screenshots. Using the buttons on the toolbar, You can sort the links by date, name, domain, and other attributes. Other buttons allow you to change how bookmarks are displayed, choosing between list or tiles.

Adding and editing

To add a web page bookmark using the browser extension or bookmarklet — a special button, which are presented to the browser panel. You can also create a separate bookmarklets for selected folders, that the service will send the links directly to them and not asked each time a save path. In addition, Bookmark OS there is the option to export and import bookmarks from browsers.

Bookmark OS — мощный и удобный менеджер закладок – фото 2Separate attention deserves the added ability to edit bookmarks and folders. You can select one or multiple items with the mouse, and then drag them to the desired folder, or delete — just like in Windows.

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Bookmark OS — мощный и удобный менеджер закладок – фото 3“Smart” recommendations and other features

To make adding tabs easier, Bookmark OS uses machine learning and algorithms for natural language processing. When You save another web page, the system analyzes your folders, choose the one offers to put a new bookmark there.

Sometimes the service is mistaken, however, in most cases, recommends to the appropriate folders, which eliminates the need to specify the path manually.

Bookmark OS — мощный и удобный менеджер закладок – фото 4Currently, the developers have not yet created an app for mobile platforms, but the web version Bookmark OS adapts to any screen sizes. System sinhroniziruete bookmarks between different devices via the cloud, so your links will always be at hand.

In addition, You can open up selected folders to their friends. This will allow you to work together on shared references.

Bookmark OS available for free, but a subscription basis for $ 12 per year, You will receive the full version Manager, which will be unlocked for more display options, the ability to add subfolders auto-creating screenshots for the imported bookmarks, and other necessary functions.

Official site.

Download extension OS Bookmark to browser Google Chrome.

Download extension OS Bookmark to browser Mozilla.

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