Bosch is preparing to launch the Automotive Cloud platform Suite

Edward Dvornichenko


Bosch is preparing to launch the Automotive Cloud platform Suite

In the framework of the financial statements for 2016, Bosch said that it is developing a platform for self-governing automobiles.

A key element of such models will be systems for monitoring and security. As representatives of the company cars with the autopilot and the future at the beginning of the next decade you will see them available in sufficient quantity, and they will occupy their niche in the market industry.

Bosch готовится запустить платформу Automotive Cloud SuiteAutomotive Cloud Suite is a system that is destined to become the “brains” of the computer self-governing car. In fact, this system is artificial intelligence, which will undertake monitoring and notification of the driver about driving into oncoming traffic, predictive diagnostic system, automatic Parking system and other intelligent assistants. Automotive Cloud Suite using the Internet will be synchronized with servers of the company and the cars connected to it, and will advance to information on the situation on the road and prepare to perform the necessary maneuvers that will qualitatively affect traffic safety.

To date, system development Automotive Cloud Suite, there are about 3000 engineers Bosch, and development costs amount to about 7 billion euros. about 400 million euros will be invested in electromobility, as well as in the development and research of technologies used in creating batteries.

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