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Boston Dynamics showed “causing nightmares” robot on wheels

Boston Dynamics показала «вызывающего кошмары» робота на колесах

The engineers at Boston Dynamics are tired of fun on a humanoid robot, Atlas, and now they found a new victim. In a closed presentation for investors, the company introduced another mechanical creation named Handle. Unlike their bipedal and four-legged brethren, he moves on wheels.

He knows

Handle resembles a hybrid of Segway and Atlas. As noted by the founder of Boston Dynamics Marc Raibert, for them it is an experiment. Design with wheels was even more effective than conventional limb — dynamic balancing system allows you to easily carry the weight for a more stable position. Handle is able to carry heavy objects in tight spaces (hence the name). Such a robot will be cheaper in production compared to humanoids, and not much inferior to them. The only thing I had to sacrifice is a cross rough terrain and other uneven surfaces. But how smartly he turns on the spot and jump over obstacles! During the presentation the representative of the company joked that the Handle is able “to cause nightmares.”

Uncertain future

In 2013, Boston Dynamics became part of Google, but due to internal disagreements, the company can re-sell. Despite all the impressive demonstration of the capabilities of robots, Boston Dynamics is no single commercial product. On completion of prototypes will take years, and all this time the search giant will have to inject funds into the project without a hint of profit. If you believe the rumors, Amazon and Toyota are willing to take these risks.

In the original video Handle shown on the screen in the hall of the presentation, so the picture quality is appropriate:

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Source: The Verge

Boston Dynamics showed “causing nightmares” robot on wheels

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