8118 Braid Creator showed his new project

Braid Creator showed his new project

In 2008, for Xbox 360 via the Xbox Live Arcade out adventure puzzle platformer Braid, has received phenomenal success. Many believe that this game has caused the growing popularity of indie games. 8 years later, in 2016, Jonathan blow, Creator of Braid, has released a new game The Witness, but she failed to repeat the success of the first project of the developer. Fortunately, Jonathan did not stop and is already working on a new game. On Reboot Develop conference in Croatia, he showed early version of their next creation.

Джонатан Блоу

The speech of Jonathan to Develop the Reboot was devoted to how to simplify the process of creating games. For this he showed a short excerpt from my future games. He noted that it is only early prototype, which he brought to demonstrate their ideas. Now the developer is focused on creating a game editor and engine. Last, as promised Jonathan, will be distributed free of charge, and can use other developers.

In prodemonstrirovana text, the Creator of Braid and The Witness showed a level with the top view, where the player must control a character and solve puzzles. The developer promises more than 25 hours of single-player gameplay.

Look at the new project by Jonathan blow on the records of the conference on Twitch. The event starts at 5:32:45.

Source: gamespot.com

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