12579 Browse FRAMED 2: how to love again mobile games
Browse FRAMED 2: how to love again mobile games

Browse FRAMED 2: how to love again mobile games

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Three years ago, Hideo kojima, Creator of Metal Gear Solid, one tweet ignited a media: called FRAMED best game of 2014. She then just came out on iOS and, in General, very few people was known. The words of industry veteran looked wildly about about this mobile puzzle game, seriously? Yes! In the end, we agreed with the master, and wished (and still wish!) all of you immediately buy the first part. Today history repeats itself — kojima is still silent, but we won’t: FRAMED 2 came out, and she’s almost as cool. The key word is almost.

Exotic movie

Who took the original, he remembers that everything revolved around the black suitcase after him the fatal women, hardened by life detectives, mustachioed villains, the police and other concerned citizens. The first FRAMED hell like all great movies with Humphrey Bogart at once: a lot of smoke, a lot of jazz, trains and spies. The sequel is a bit different from a flawless film Noir. At least the fact that it’s in some Asian country. As a maximum — we see the events before the first part.


Suitcase (no, you did not say), together with an elegant young man sails on the boat in a certain state in the far East. Here, the tourist begins to follow a woman — apparently she was aware of the contents of the mysterious bag. Soon the screen displays a sinister man with a mustache, and starts the same mess, familiar to us from the first part. The suitcase will visit different hands, and the candidates on it — in different cities.

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The narrative is FRAMED in 2 all the same minimalistic and devoid of dialogues. But they are not needed — the Director takes action, like in a silent movie. The script itself is a little worse than the original, and, most likely, you’ll guess how it ends — the rest of the story, after all, published three years ago. But the commercials are still popping up a deck of cinematic tricks. Just watch and you will find many references to the classics. Fans of MGS, by the way, this advice also applies.


Puzzling beauty

When it comes to the gameplay FRAMED, made to awkwardly stammer and grab for breath. Describe the principle of the application is not so easy, and the sequel in this regard keeps the brand. Roughly speaking, you solve the puzzle. On the screen — something like table editor, the ancient Hollywood studios. Animated fragments is necessary to collect in a scene so that the main character managed to break through. Everyday situations: for example, to slip through two officers and a dog. To do this, put the first frame the cat, then police-animal lover, then a policeman, surrounded by birds, well, at the end of the piece with the dog. The cat will distract the guards, would lead a dog, and you quietly slip into the door. If you break the timeline and “paste” in the beginning the dog will just maul the guy in the hat.


Mechanics FRAMED 2 hard to explain in words, but it is actually very simple. But the levels are sometimes extremely difficult — especially those where a lot of the identical mind frames that need to manage to positioned at the correct angle and in the correct sequence. Later you will be forced to mount not just correctly, but quickly — “used” footage to shuffle back and forth until the next scene. However, despite all the difficulties, FRAMED 2 is very short, and will take you less than an hour.

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The feasibility to pay almost 400 rubles per sixty minutes of pleasure can be discussed in the comments, but we actually care more. FRAMED 2 — great fun, but she was unable to avoid the problem of the “second album”: it is very difficult to meet the standards of the first part, and to surpass them is even harder.


The continuation of this failed style effect , “Oh, wow!” it already is, but there’s nothing new to him. It’s just a couple dozen fresh levels connected with scenario. Some new chips not appeared, and the same fragile atmosphere of films from the roaring 40’s disappeared. No 2 looks great FRAMED and sometimes charming, but the film Noir here. Which is a pity.


Do my own editing

To be honest I would not want to see you running in the last paragraph, I closed the page of the game. FRAMED 2 is a must buy, pass, and then (if not already), buy the original, and pass it too. Indeed, despite all the flaws, this is — those rare experiments, which we still believe that “mobile could be cool”. If you ignore these impulses of creativity, then so will the rest of your life to drive to the farm, clickers and slot casinos. Nobody don’t wants, right?

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  • it’s still cool;
  • puzzles sometimes dizzying;
  • music, visuals, and videos — all on top;
  • a little successful cinematic tricks.


  • the element of surprise has evaporated — in the sequel is nothing new;
  • the atmosphere of a Noir detective disappeared;
  • 379 rubles per hour of gameplay?


Author: Illia Bozhko

Source: 4pda.ru

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