13672 Browse Irbis NB99: when the first pancake is not lumpy
Browse Irbis NB99: when the first pancake is not lumpy

Browse Irbis NB99: when the first pancake is not lumpy

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A number of major companies have long promised to lead us in the era of “post-PC” when the vast majority of people for any usage scenarios will be quite versatile tablet. Despite this, laptops are still indispensable for those who often have to work in a variety of places, including on the road. The requirements for such a device is simple: high autonomy, small dimensions and weight, and that is important for working with documents — comfortable keyboard. Irbis NB99 meets all the points, and how the gadget is perfect for everyday use — read the review.


  • Screen: TFT IPS, 13,3″, 1920×1080, 166 ppi
  • CPU: dual-core Intel Core m3–6Y30, 2.2 GHz
  • Graphics accelerator: Intel HD Graphics 515
  • Operating system: Windows 10
  • RAM: 8 GB
  • Built-in memory: 240 GB
  • Memory card support: no
  • Wireless interfaces: Wi-Fi 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac, Bluetooth LE 4.2
  • Navigation: no
  • Camera: web-camera 2 MP
  • Sensors: dactyloscopy
  • Battery: 4600 mAh, Li-Pol, non-removable
  • Dimensions: mm 318х211х12
  • Weight: 1.3 kg


Packaging equipment

The device is supplied in a large cardboard box branded purple color. Inside, in addition to the device are only the power supply, the USB cable Type-C and a set of documents. Note that the cable is USB Type-C power supply, you can insert any (if, of course, meet safety requirements). This is useful in case if the original does not fit in length or over time, are ground.

Irbis NB99 Irbis NB99



The device is almost entirely made of silver metal, the loop only covers a narrow plastic cover the black color, a massive four non-slip feet on the bottom of the laptop is made of plastic.

Irbis NB99

On the lid of the device is missing any logos and other elements only from the bottom of the white paint caused the barely visible markings. Thanks to this solution, the ultrabook looks strictly and immediately perceived as a working tool. Yes, it’s slightly spoil the impression of colorful stickers under the keyboard, but in fact they can be removed.

Irbis NB99 Irbis NB99

The left side is the USB Type-C, and on the right — 3.5 mm audio Jack. No more connectors is not equipped.

Irbis NB99 Irbis NB99

Frame around the display ultrabook black above the screen and a centered lens web camera, protruding about a millimeter and below the screen logo of the manufacturer.

Irbis NB99 Irbis NB99

Keyboard (unfortunately without backlight) occupies almost the entire useful area of the base of the laptop. Underneath is a medium size multi-touch touchpad.

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Irbis NB99

In its upper left corner is a small blind spot is the fingerprint scanner. “Click the right mouse button” on the touchpad can touch with two fingers or click in the bottom right corner.

Irbis NB99



With a weight of 1.2 kg ultrabook is not a record for ease, but to carry it with you every day will not be easy, and the processor is Intel Core m3 justifies the machine dimensions. The case of the device is the most practical: silver brushed metal not visible fingerprints or small scratches and scrapes.

Irbis NB99

And the keyboard, despite the lack of a backlight, Irbis also want to praise the manufacturer did not skimp neither on the size of the arrow keys or the navigation buttons — Home, Page Up, Page Down and End keys made individual that will appreciate any work with people.

Irbis NB99

The only serious drawback of this keyboard is located in the upper right corner a power button. Fortunately, Windows allows you to remap it so that a short press on the button does not cause any reaction. The Caps Lock button as the power button is equipped with blue led indicator. Of the features of the keyboard and note the presence of the Num Lock key, which when pressed allows you to type numbers and mathematical symbols with the letter keys on the right side of the keyboard (the characters marked on the keys in blue).

Irbis NB99



Irbis NB99 features a 13.3-inch Full HD IPS-matrix. This is the optimal resolution for this size of display: no ladders, nor, especially, the individual pixels when you work with notebook to see fail. The screen, though glossy, but not touch, which emphasizes the business purpose of the gadget.

Irbis NB99

The image quality no complaints: the brightness of the display allows you to work comfortably virtually anywhere, image, juicy, colors are correct for any tilt of the screen. The maximum opening angle of the lid is about 120°, which is enough for such device.



Ultrabac installed on a “clean” Windows 10. The manufacturer did not install the gadget third-party applications, limiting labels to install World of Tanks: Blitz and educational programs Lecta. Also on the device there are a number of other “tile” programs like Twitter or Fallout Shelter, but, if necessary, are removed in two clicks.

Irbis NB99


The machine at work

As a platform Irbis NB99 uses Intel Core m3–6Y30, which gives the gadget the right to be called an ultrabook. This dual-core processor with four threads and a maximum clock frequency of 2.2 GHz. Many are still wary of m-series of Intel processors, but, in fact, this CPU is more powerful as a Junior processor line Core i3, fourth generation, and a modern Celeron or Pentium. And energy efficiency Core m3 has no equal thanks to the 14-nm process processor is almost not heated and does not require active cooling. As GPU in this SoC is integrated with Intel HD Graphics 515. The amount of RAM is 8 GB DDR3.

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Irbis NB99 Irbis NB99

As the internal memory is used SSD 240 GB. After subtracting space reserved for the recovery partition and used by the operating system, the user receives 190 GB of free space out of the box. This is sufficient for a working machine, but to expand the memory, if necessary, will not work — the laptop devoid of even the reader.

Irbis NB99

Used SSD was nimble enough that the read speed of the drive reaches 502 MB/s and write speed of 400 MB/s. Full results of the disk test in CrystalDiskMark on the screenshot below.

Irbis NB99

The result of testing the performance of the ultrabook in the benchmark PCMark Home you can also see in the screenshot.

Irbis NB99

Daily work on ultrabook comfortable — programs run quickly, performance is more than enough to avoid the slowdown when running the browser with a couple dozen tabs. Irbis NB99 cope and work with simple projects in CAD software like Autodesk Inventor.

Irbis NB99

Despite the fact that Irbis NB99 is, first and foremost, the work horse, we decided to test it in games. It is clear that modern titles, the gadget will not pull, but in the iconic games of yesteryear, like Batman: Arkham City or Bioshock Infinite on my laptop to play, though with reduced resolution and minimum graphics settings. At the same time, the number of frames in most of the scenes were quite comfortable 30-40 fps, rarely met drawdowns up to 20-25 fps. Because without special adapter to connect to your laptop simultaneously charging and USB mouse it is impossible, testing was done when the gadget battery. It is worth considering that this could affect performance.

Under heavy load, including games, device noticeably heats up, keep it on your lap becomes uncomfortable — this is the fee for passive cooling and silence. However, during normal operation, surfing and body is barely warm, so worry too much over heating is not necessary.

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Dactyloscopy — still a rare phenomenon in inexpensive ultrabooks, so its presence was a pleasant surprise. Working with the sensor is carried out using the standard tools of Windows 10 — Windows Hello. The scanner responds to your touch quickly and accurately and appreciate, first and foremost, those who, like the author, have to enter the password on the account dozens of times a day.

Irbis NB99

Ultrabook speakers hidden inside the chassis, under the keyboard, loud is not called, and the music from them sounds “flat”. The sound is enough to create a background for work in a quiet room or watch a movie, but it is, after all, is not the main task of the device.


Wireless interfaces

From wireless interfaces Irbis NB99 equipped with Wi-Fi with support for 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac frequency bands 2.4 and 5 GHz and Bluetooth LE 4.2 (supporting low power mode). Given that ultrabook only has a single USB Type-C, Bluetooth will be very useful for connecting peripherals, such as mice.


Work offline

Non-removable Li-Pol battery has a capacity of 4600 mAh, which gives the device a subjective 5-6 hours of battery life when surfing and working with documents on the average brightness. But in tests the results were the following: 3.2 hours surfing at full brightness, 2.7 hour games at medium brightness, 4.2 hours watching videos on full brightness in Flight mode. Enabling power saving mode can improve these figures by 10-20%.

In the end, autonomy NB99 not a record, but the total battery charge is enough even for long trips.


The results

With all the skepticism, involuntarily arise about the attempts of the Russian brand to play in the segment of relatively expensive ultrabooks (and even with that controversial decision, as the equipment only USB Type-C) first attempt at Irbis still came out a success. Irbis NB99 turned out productive and inexpensive offer in the segment of working machines and offers the user powerful enough stuffing in a compact metal body, good display and comfortable keyboard. The average cost of the laptop is about 45 000.



  • small dimensions and weight;
  • dactiloscopy;
  • comfortable keyboard;
  • good performance.


  • single USB Type-C connector;
  • the lack of keyboard backlighting.


Author: Vladimir Terekhov

Picture device: Daria Nesterovskaya

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