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In the gaming Paradise just will not get a ticket for not affordable for everyone. But there are players, and some are willing to go all out for the best. The price fades into the background, and most importantly — the maximum result. And if you thought that the NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080 is the answer to all the pleas of the perfectionists, you will have to disappoint. No, not at all. And when power is not enough — help from heaven descends “Titan”, but not the one in the armor and a howitzer, and NVIDIA TITAN X — the reincarnation of fastest graphics card in recent years.

The perfection of the design

Recently the chief engineer of the PlayStation 4, mark CERN, said that for a comfortable gaming in 4K you need a graphic subsystem with a capacity of eight teraflops. And while a new Pro version of the console almost in half is weaker than the stated minimum, TITAN X scores significantly higher — 11 teraflops. Such zeal will appreciate not only the masters of Adobe After Effects, but gamers are not willing to put up with the compromises. Besides, the alternative to the “Titan” in sight — it was Packed incredibly powerful “stuffing.


Compared with the previous “Titan” the number of transistors raised from 8 to 12 billion. Significantly increase the budget, “silicon neurons” allowed the transition to 16-nm FinFet process technology, but in a sort of “Pascal” is not surprising — all the chips 10 series are produced with this technology. The growth figures for the new “Titan” is almost universal — CUDA-cores 3584 now and they work at a frequency of one and a half times higher than the predecessor. And that is not to belittle the dignity of the previous generation, the new graphics card still the same amount of video memory 12 GB. However, she has inherited the advanced modules GDDR5X GTX 1080 with an effective rate of 10 GHz, so the capacity has increased to 480 Gigabytes per second. The graphics card turned out not just fast, and obscenely powerful. The theoretical increase in performance compared to the TITAN X in 2015 can reach 50%.



With a quick heater

TITAN X combines the best features of the premium line, not only inside but also outside. In the tradition of previous generations of graphics card comes only in the standard version, created by NVIDIA. After all, it’s not good to spoil a powerful motor Chinese plastic cheap whistles. He inherited design features of the latest GeForce graphics cards, the familiar black color and specialty illumination, without which none of the TITAN.


Alas, beauty is not omnipotent, and might still have to pay: from a cold disposition, which differ in graphics Pascal, there is almost nothing left. It is clear that with this engine under the aluminium bonnet of the new TITAN X was the most voracious in the tenth series and received additional shestiperova power connector — standard addition “Titans” with their power consumption 250 Watts.


The cooling system took with the GTX 1080, slightly modified and squeezed in titanium shackles. Squeezed it with a slight creak under load, the graphics core GP102 warms up over 80 degrees Celsius. Fry eggs on the rear panel does not work, but the winter cold will not close. However, work cooling to cope and even hints at crackdown. But why is it needed for such a status card?



Native appetite

The TITAN family was never originally marketed as a gaming solution is the graphics card, even deprived belonging to the GeForce. It’s “glands” for professionals who work in video production and 3D graphics. In these tasks, TITAN X reveals itself as no other video card. And after a hard day, you can not switch to another graphics card and use the TITAN X for other purposes in the games with the highest settings. This flexibility will appeal to those who disease two graphics cards in one computer to put up is not very desirable. Has long been known — two heads are good, but one more stable.

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Professional shade slightly shifted. TITAN X is now much more attractive for other tasks — for example, artificial neural networks, which are used by all well-known companies. This video card has better support operations int8, which are widely used in machine learning. And those who have not yet realized the epoch-making network computing, is to simply look at your feed in Instagram. It is not just a lot of cats, and other content, sweet to your heart. Images must be sought, to determine and output. Of course, application tasks only start, but this simple example very easy to understand.



More pixels God of pixels

The road lay pioneers, and it cannot be denied that for the 4K format of the future is bright. Suffice it to recall what it was Full HD ten years ago — a distant dream for the layman with a square monitor and CRT TV. And now it is the standard for 95% of gamers, but he is destined to take the position. Through those thorns have to go to a better resolution. Especially the problem with the missing content on the PC is enough to run any game in the last five years and to set for themselves. Now even forward-looking developers base their projects support a fantastic resolution 8K. In 10 years will be important.


The benefits of higher resolution is obvious — clearer image and more details. Therefore, to enjoy all the pleasures UHD decided on the ASUS MG24UQ, which at a diagonal of 24 inches has all the charms of gaming monitor with 4K. There is a myth that the difference in picture can only be seen on the panels from 65 inches, is shattered with the first game. This is not to say that the picture turns the idea of video games. Just catch the eye details, which previously did not know — that there is at least tacky skin on the armor of Geralt of the Witcher trikvela. The effect is comparable to switching to a new pair of glasses with poor eyesight. And to return after seeing to the good old FHD monitor only complaints about “soap”.

How natural seems the image that’s visible pixels? Photorealism lies not in the fancy effects and high-resolution textures, but in the very life of clarity, which is only enhanced by the nice colors on a calibrated IPS-matrix.


But the improvement will have to pay “the iron price”: additional six million pixels will be very heavy burden of computation for any graphics card. And the fact that a few years ago seemed impossible, even for SLI systems in 2016 in the teeth to only one GPU. For 4K will need all the gunpowder in the top locker TITAN X, but in normal modes the difference will be less visible — the system will simply Balk at the possibility of CPU and memory.



As TITAN X has become the crown graphic technology, the test should be in the appropriate stand. In conjunction with the video card will work six-core processor Intel Core I7–6800K, overclocked to 4 GHz frequency. Results on Quad-core i7 CPU family gave worse results and will not be counted. And all of the latest games from the list will be run in two modes — in the usual Full HD and heavy on the 4K monitor ASUS MG24UQ. In all the games graphics quality settings will be screwed to the exorbitant high. No one promised that this would be an easy walk.


Unigine Heaven Benchmark

According to tradition, the first test began floating island visual benchmark Unigine Heaven. It has proven to be an excellent optimization and shows objective results in the test.


Expected with such characteristics TITAN X will lead the performance charts for single-chip graphics cards in either mode. The intrigue is how far will be able to break away from closest pursuer GTX 1080. Well, in Full HD with highest settings the video card showed the result in 3790 points, which is almost a thousand parrots outperform GTX 1080.


But as the resolution increases, the gap grows. In 4K with the same settings, the card is issued 1028 points and not only overcame the psychological barrier, but left further away from the GTX 1080, which is the same mode, gaining about 650 points. Given the proximity of this benchmark to the games — the position of the TITAN X for 4K only increase.

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Battlefield 1

The game interpretation of the events of the First world war a very rich visual: expansive maps with appliances for every taste, dozens of soldiers, hundreds of explosions and thousands of pounds of lead released. The intensity of the event subsides rarely — if only to get close to the edge of the map with the nearest respawn.


The game is well optimized and uses the possibility of multi-core processors. At all maximum graphics settings in 1080p, the game gives an average of 112 shots during the match for 64 people. The result is excellent and will allow you to enjoy all the charms during the game on monitors with a high scan, which is very important for network shooter. And, despite the graphic threat, in 4K mode the results were not much lower — around 90 fps!



Another graphical hit this year forced to sweat more than one graphics card. He proved himself both on budget systems and on the PC with the obscenely high price tag. The important thing is that in DOOM, everyone can find the mode for themselves. With its incredible dynamics, it’s a great game with a high scan, and for those who want to appreciate all the graphic delights — has the native 4K mode.


As in the case of Battlefield 1, Full HD the game has not detached from the results, GTX 1080 — 139 fps with a slight margin on the minimum fps. Affected by restrictions imposed by other components. And in 4K TITAN X produces 85 frames per second, which is a third better results GTX 1080. At the level of the Lazarus Labs, the minimum fps drops to only 59 frames, which can be attributed to error, which is offset by the inclusion of Vulkan API in the game settings.


Gears of War 4

The third paragraph of the test selections rounded out the top most beautiful games in 2016 on the PC. Now you can hardly find a game on the latest version of Unreal Engine 4, which would have looked worse and ran fast even on the GTX 1050 Ti. The developers knew that their game would be squeamish to dissect on very different hardware, so I built a convenient benchmark.


After enabling DirectX 12 the game started to give out frighteningly high fps in Full HD — an average of 188 frames. With this increased performance the game should not “cut” the graphics settings when using the split-screen for two players. But in 4K on Ultra, the game shone through every pixel, while not choking in performance — 63 fps.


The Witcher 3: Blood and Wine

Geralt’s adventure is long over, but while CD Projekt RED is preparing another RPG hit, you can spend time in the side quests of this game, one of the best in recent years. And replay the Witcher with prettier graphics no less pleasant than after the first inclusion.


Computer technology takes a few generations to completely cover all spaces in the code and give a good image without noticeable problems. Even with all effects activated from the NVIDIA TITAN X have prohibitively high the results in Full HD. The average game gives the 126 frames per second, which is 20% faster charged GTX 1080. And these figures only encourage to try out the game in 4K. The final result was a mark of 54 fps with drops to 41 of the frame. Blame the video card to the power shortage would be unfair — to blame the “Polish crutches” entrenched in the code of the game. But what great visuals!


The Division

A ticket to a ruined new York has long been a part of the “iron” of the program under test. Hit from Ubisoft has a rich geometry on the locations and beautiful effects. The more sandbox from the Studio Massive tech game from Rockstar and visually not worse.


It is not necessary to read tea leaves to guess the difference with the GTX 1080 — everything is within 20%. However, the falling snow looks much nicer when the screen per second are replaced by 111 staff. In 4K, the situation repeated itself again, and TITAN X was ahead by 30%, showing an average of 48 fps with noticeable drops below 30. Yet The Division remains extremely demanding game. If the settings do not want to sacrifice, you should lower the resolution to 2560×1440 and set the smoothing to taste.

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As in the case of 4K, the future of the Overwatch no doubt, because the shooter Blizzard continues to conquer the world at an alarming rate. The army players can be divided into two camps: some manage to run the game even on the office toasters, and the other trying to make the most of the most expensive systems.


As long as the game is not “friends” with SLI — single-chip graphics cards remain the best solution. And when the average fps is over two hundred — the difference is not important. It is not even the most expensive monitor. In 4K, the situation is different — 102 of the frame at the highest settings, which is about 40% more results the closest competitor.


SteamVR Test

Even on the box do not write that TITAN X belongs to the class of VR cards Ready. Virtual reality is no problem even on modest hardware this year, so the test was a formality: the expected maximum score and more than twenty thousand processed images — nothing to add, just the best result achieved to date.



Virtual reality

Every day a full VR gaming becomes more and more. TITAN X has inherited all the necessary optimization at the architectural level, and trained in the suppression of artifacts and distortions in VR-mode. Well, modern games have learned to dynamically change the quality of the image and adjust the resolution to frame rate was always at around 90 frames.


None of the VR game, there was no problem with the quality or performance. In some cases you can even go a little further, and by simple manipulations to increase the resolution of the game. The image becomes sharper, and the pixels less apparent. Of course, TITAN X will not add new effects, but apskeyl went to the benefit of games.


The overall results

Testing revealed an obvious pattern — in 1080p video card depends on the capabilities of the system as a whole, and 4K goes much further than the others. Behind the scenes there are lots of games that run as a scientific experiment. Three series of Crysis, overloaded arrays unnecessary code, even flew in 4K, and the first part look decent, and nine years later. In the updated Skyrim you can play with a myriad of graphical mods and not worry about 4K performance. But to baptize these tests may be a valid language is not rotated.



The results

NVIDIA is extremely cleverly created a segment of premium solutions that are perfectly suited for some specific tasks and are not inferior in games. The closest analogue is only from TITAN X, who once surprised, and now in working with graphics, sometimes half is weaker than the updated version. In the professional industry is a bottomless pit.


For gamers nothing faster than the TITAN X exists at the moment. He’s not completely relevant to games in Full HD, because the difference with the GTX 1080 is in the range of 20%. But in 4K the situation becomes apparent — the higher the requirements the higher the payout. And to compete here, only the combination of multiple graphics cards, which let him give the increase, but only in some adapted games. In fact, TITAN X had not conquered fully only a couple of games “the Witcher 3: Blood and Wine” and The Division, but they both are famous for their technical problems. Otherwise, no complaints: TITAN X almost destroyed yet seemingly insurmountable 4K barrier. This is the first video card, which will pave the way for new solutions — faster and more available. But still have to wait, and TITAN X is now.


For a record performance among gaming graphics cards edition 4PDA awards NVIDIA TITAN X award for the power of the “Powerhouse”.



  • the highest levels of performance;
  • unique graphics card for professionals.


  • the lack of alternative versions.

Lyricist: Mikhail Ivanov

Photo devices: Daniil Demin, Daria Nesterovskaya


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