11325 Cantucci – delicious greetings from Sunny Tuscany

Cantucci – delicious greetings from Sunny Tuscany

Cantucci – delicious greetings from Sunny Tuscany

When hungry says about Italy, comes to mind one thing – pizza. Well, or pasta – whatever you like. But sweet tooth has ever been in this country, will think of cantucci (ital. Сantucci – “little corners”). This popular Italian cookie that looks like our crackers, which inside is incredibly soft and gentle.

Small variation cantucci called cappuccino (ital. Cantuccini) and is often summarized as biscotto (ital. Biscotto is “twice baked”). And it is a symbol of the wide world of cookies, and in Italy – all kinds of crisp pastry in different sizes, shapes, colors and flavors.

Homeland cantucci – Tuscan city of Prato. It was there and there was a cookie recipe from flour, sugar, eggs and toasted almonds. And it is obscenely simple. However, there is one problem. So, very soon you will have to take up the case as cantucci instantly devours. Yes, nice Italians were able to succeed in the simple things, can not refuse to come off. But these cookies can be stored for months!

It is clear that dieters who know the taste cantucci, will be difficult. Sorry. Probably have to add to my schedule a couple of extra workouts or increase mileage for the morning Jogging. But it’s worth it, believe me. And check, of course! Begin to cook.

Кантуччи-хранение в стеклянной банке

Cantucci is a delicious Italian biscuit, is incredibly soft on the palate, but firm to the tooth. Inclusions of almonds provided the original Tuscan recipe, leave a pleasant aftertaste. Cookies easily prepared and eaten quickly. It can be stored for months, but it is unlikely you will succeed: all instantly devours

On how to diversify and to beat the taste

Такие разные кантуччи-фото

Такие разные кантуччи-фото 2Cantucci, in fact, is a dessert snack. By the way, very convenient for a picnic.

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Кантуччи-подача пикникAnd in a campaign such cookies you can grab. It’s great that you can play with flavors.

Кантуччи с разными добавками-ассортиFor example, nobody forbids to mix in cantucci nuts. And don’t be afraid to overdo it!

You can add dried fruit, cranberries.

Кантуччи с клюквой-добавки

Кантуччи с клюквой-добавки и ингредиентыCombining it with pistachios as an option. It looks simply fantastic!

Кантуччи с фисташками-фотоYou can use prunes, dried apricots, raisins.

And why not make cantucci chocolate? By the way, for acidity recommend that they also add the cranberries.

Шоколадные кантуччи с клюквой-подачаIn any case, and we are sure you will enjoy this cookie. One block the other – and away we go.

Once you cantucci dipped in tea, coffee, cappuccino, cocoa, milk or wine (see, there are so many choices) and put the limp piece in your mouth, your idea of cookies will change forever. These nutty snacks loud crunch. They have a soft tender heart. And with drink – new reveals, soaking the invigorating aromas of coffee, tea, sweet wine.

In Italy, by the way, cantucci dipped in vinsanto wine, but it is possible, for example, in cocoa. We like.

Кантуччи с миндалем-лакомство из ИталииFew ingredients, few steps and you’re done. Recipe

Кантуччи и кофе-завтрак по-итальянскиIn cooking cantucci it is very important to achieve the right balance of softness and crunch. The true purpose of this cookie – fed with wine (or tea, coffee, milk – those who exclude alcohol) and not to crumble at the same time, only to emphasize the taste of the drink. And therefore advise you to adhere strictly to the recipe. You may need a kitchen scale. By the way, we will be cooking without butter.

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You need:

  • 250 g flour
  • 1 teaspoon baking powder
  • 140 g sugar
  • 50 g nut flour
  • 2 eggs
  • 2 egg yolks
  • 120 g roasted nuts

What to do:

  • In the bowl of a mixer combine the flour and baking powder. Information for chocolate lovers only: if you replace 50g of flour with cocoa powder, get the same chocolate taste. Beat in dry mixture a couple of eggs and a few egg yolks, then add sugar and peanut flour in the original almond. If you have just yourself chop the nuts. Cantucci is a simple dessert, so this is acceptable. The dough mix well.
  • Nuts are coarsely chopped. Delicious, if you mix the almonds, recommended to us by the Tuscany with hazelnuts and cashews. Add nuts to the batter and mix. It is not excluded that it will seem impossible: many nuts. Even not – so-very much. If this idea slipped past you on the right track. They should be in abundance.

Even tastier. Feel free to add in cantucci spices: cinnamon, nutmeg, vanilla, ginger. Will give a terrific flavor and zest of orange or lemon.

Цедра лимона-добавка в кантуччи

  • Roll a couple of flattened bars, wrap them in cling film – each separately, and then put in the fridge about a half hour. During this time, don’t forget to preheat to 180 degrees oven, and enjoy, for example, a Cup of tea and a novel by Giovanni Boccaccio from “Decameron”. What? Cantucci are still well in the fridge!
  • Remove the workpiece from the refrigerator and place on the baking tray lined with parchment paper. Bake in the oven for 20-25 minutes. Cookies should be slightly browned and increase in volume. All! Remove it from the oven and let cool a bit. Just keep from the temptation at this stage to eat, but it’s quite edible.
  • A large bread knife (always sharp!) sawing motion to gently cut the bars into small bars with a width of about a centimeter or two. Spread on the parchment up slices back into the oven. Boccaccio this time better not get carried away, and you risk to be forgotten. Better clean up the kitchen, then to lay the table nicely.
  • Wedges bake for no more than ten minutes to a delicious blush. After cool down them for a half hour. Then they will crackle even louder.
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Serve cantucci with chocolate sauce or honey. Well, the drink is at your discretion and under your mood. And let it be raised. You want to do.

Кантуччи-с медомAnd if you still manage to keep a portion of cantucci, so to speak, in reserve, keep it in a sealed container. And I will eat well!

Кантуччи-подача с виномThank you for the inspiration of Italy and www.food.krdblog.com, www.humanandfood.blogspot.com, www.findfood.ru, www.nzwolfstravel.blogspot.com, www.labellastudio.com.ua and www.instagom.com.

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