Caption — a utility for Mac designed to search subtitles

Eugene Lubnicki


Caption — a utility for Mac designed to search subtitles

Recently Mac users is now available a new tool called Caption, designed to search subtitles. This app fans will appreciate the series of innovations and those who study foreign languages for the films in the original.

Previously in order to find subtitles for “fresh” episodes of your favorite TV series, you had to spend a lot of time to review a huge amount of advertising. With the Caption app will make it much easier. To search for the subtitles you just need to enter your search string the name of the movie, or drag to the application window media.

In both cases, the Caption will instantly display the result, and will offer several options for subtitles. In order to download the file with subtitles on a computer, on it you just need to click.

If You drag a media file in the search box, when you download the app, the Caption will automatically rename the subtitle file in accordance with the name of the movie or TV series, so they then upload to the player. In addition, video can immediately access (to be launched media player by default).

Subtitles are available not only in English and Russian, but also in many other languages.

Caption - утилита для Mac, предназначенная для поиска субтитров At present, the application Caption is available only for macOS, but the developer promises to release versions for other platforms.

To download the application Caption.

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