12736 Cheaters in Pokemon GO began to stigmatize

Cheaters in Pokemon GO began to stigmatize

Company Niantic continues the war against cheaters in the popular mobile game Pokemon GO. We will remind, last month the developers were punished for using third-party software players, blocking them from the possibility of catching a rare pokémon. Recently, the Studio has released another update that will give users an unfair red mark of shame.

The new punishment consists in the following: all pokemon caught using third party programs will be crossed out with a red line in the inventory. In addition, a marked pokemon will “not behave as expected by players.” It’s unclear what that means, but sounds intriguing.

“With the announcement of RAID battles and new combat capabilities, we remain true to our commitment to ensuring fair play for all users Pokemon GO. Starting today, pokémon caught through third-party services, will be marked by slash in the inventory” — said the representative of Niantic.

Pokemon Go

Pokemon GO — popular mobile game that uses augmented reality technology. The output of the app in USA, Australia and New Zealand on 6 July 2016. In Russia, Pokemon GO officially still unavailable.

Source: eurogamer.net

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