Chinese smartphones have captured the ranking of the most powerful Android devices on the version of AnTuTu

Developers of the popular AnTuTu benchmark has published a ranking of the most powerful mobile devices on 31 January this year. As usual, for summarizing was chosen as the average of the performance metrics collected over the entire reporting period, from 1 to 31 January. It is also important that each model had to pass at least 2,000 tests to be ranked. I wonder what the stats are somewhat different from the ranking of the most productive devices in 2016. For example, in the top 10 most powerful Android smartphones were only the devices of the Chinese manufacturers, although more recently there have been models from international brands.


The most powerful Android smartphone on the version of AnTuTu remains OnePlus 3T, gaining an average of about 163, 000 points. In second place – LeEco Le Pro3 (159 193 points), and closes the three leaders of the ZUK Edge (156 of 202 points). New to the ranking were Smartisan Smartisan M1 and M1L, who took fourth and fifth places respectively. Interestingly, the same OnePlus 3 in 2016 was 147 495 points, and now 153 568. But the Moto Z, which at the end of the year was 148 820 points, and not included in the ranking.

No less interesting is the statistics for iOS devices. From the ranking for some obscure reason, lost 12.9-inch iPad Pro, which is gaining in AnTuTu around 195, 000 points. Thus, now the most powerful iOS device on the version of AnTuTu is the iPhone 7 Plus.



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