21256 A "clean" install of Windows 10
A “clean” install of Windows 10

A “clean” install of Windows 10

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A “clean” install of Windows 10

Who among us has not encountered a situation where a problem in working with Windows OS only solves a clean install of Windows 10. Like it or not, but it is the most effective way to fix errors when working with devices on Windows 10.

For the average user, the problem of the incorrect operating system very often ends in a call to a friend asking for help in solving or going to the service center. And it is a waste of time and a considerable amount of money, but most importantly, what are you nervous, irritated, cursing Microsoft developers. To all this did not happen, we just need to be able to using the built-in features in Windows 10 to make a reinstallation of the operating system Windows 10. In the new operating system this process is so simplified that it requires minimal knowledge and skills. Enough to be patient, follow the prompts of the system and within an hour your laptop will work almost like new.

The contents

  1. When do I need to reinstall Windows 10
  2. Save your data
  3. The function “New start”
  4. How to use the “New launch”
  5. A “clean” install Windows 10 from USB drive

When do I need to reinstall Windows 10

Among some users there is a perception that you need almost every month to perform a clean installation of Windows. I don’t have any desire to convince them of the uselessness of this action, to talk about harm for the hardware of their computer. Just gonna say from my own experience that for more than two years of work on Windows 10 once performed a clean installation of Windows 10. The simple recommendation from me is that if your operating system is stable, without any errors and bug, you do not need to touch anything. Let works what works well.

Чистая установка Windows _1

One I still recommend to perform a clean installation of Windows 10? Primarily those users who have the operating system often crashes, hangs, behaves inappropriately. Perhaps the reason for all this ugliness is a virus, and maybe some outside program accidentally downloaded and installed themselves illegally. The reasons are different. If you have tried all ways to solve your program, it is only the most radical way -“clean” install of Windows 10.

Save your data

It should be remembered that “clean” install will remove all your favorite pictures, music and downloaded movies and shows. Will be subject to removal also and software from third-party manufacturers. To such trouble did not catch you by surprise, you should take care to back up your photos, files and documents. There are many means and opportunities, each of which is accessible and convenient. So, for backup you can use USB drive or external hard drive. Connect it to your laptop or desktop and after a while, all your data will be preserved. You can reinstall Windows 10. There is an opportunity to save their data and using cloud services. There is, of course, you need to be able to do it, but then you will be sure that the file just saved. After all, USB drives and external hard drives, anything can happen. Believe me, the whole backup procedure will take a very long time, but the nerves you certainly save.

Чистая установка Windows _2

The function “New start”

The developers of Windows 10 knows about the issue of preserving personal data of their users. They decided to help them, releasing a built-in utility “New launch” which gives you the opportunity to reinstall Windows 10. Remain untouched your personal data and files, but it will be removed some programs. However, the folder of the programs then appears on the Desktop. This, too, took care of the developers. Very good idea, especially since you can perform a clean installation of Windows 10 is very easy even for the most inexperienced user. The system with the hints she will do everything for you.

Чистая установка Windows _15

A little more detail about the function of the “New start”. Previously, it was called “Start over” and was one of the most important capabilities of standard application “security Center Windows Defender”, which appeared on Board the Windows 10 Update Creators. In the new update of Windows 10 Fall Creators Update for some reason the developers have changed its name, but left unchanged its method of use and capabilities. Simply put, this is the same function of “Start over,” but named differently. In the application “security Center Windows Defender” functions are implemented directly or indirectly related to Windows security, as well as critical issues with its performance. The latter and includes a feature “New start”, which offers an effective solution to all possible problems in the form of a simplified procedure of reinstalling Windows to save certain settings and data. The function “New start” is a better alternative to the mechanism for returning the computer to its original state, the presence on Board of the Windows of the eighth version. While the latter offers a reinstallation of the system using the original distribution, the “New start” and reinstall, and update Windows to the newest Assembly. In fact, it is a built-in mechanism to reinstall Windows using utilities Refresh of Windows. Recall that this mechanism came with the update to Windows 10 Anniversary Update as a solution to the issue of automatic activation of the system when it is stored on OEM devices. Since the release of the Anniversary Update this mechanism evolved as part of Windows 10 Creators Update it already knows how to carry on a reinstalled Windows region settings, time zone, security settings, privacy and even user accounts with their themes. But some details remained the same: in the simplified process of reinstalling Windows you will have to part with installed store apps and desktop programs.

How to use the “New launch”

Now let us look at how to use the “New start”. You’ll first need to find and run. Some reason Microsoft decided to hide from the eyes of ordinary user and Vice versa, put it in a prominent place.

So, open via the Start button Settings where go to the section Update and security. Above I wrote that the “New launch” is part of the security Center, Windows Defender, which we need to access.

Чистая установка Windows_3

In security Center go to the section capacity of the device, which is open at the bottom and see the words “New launch”.

Чистая установка Windows_4

Чистая установка Windows_5

But that’s not all. You need to click on Additional options, and only then will see the desired button. It click will start the process of reinstalling Windows 10.

Чистая установка Windows_6

The screen will display the information that some programs and applications you installed will be removed but personal files and some Windows settings will be saved.

Чистая установка Windows_7

Чистая установка Windows_8

You need to click on the option Next and be patient while the system ruthlessly removes downloaded apps, a list of which will see on the screen.

Чистая установка Windows_9

This process can occur in different ways, depending on the device power and also the speed of your Internet connection. I forgot: be sure to connect your laptop to the network, as the sudden shutting it down can lead to unpleasant consequences.

After the procedure, remove programs and purify the hard drive from them, will be launched herself reinstallation of the OS. To do this you just need to allow the setup wizard to start by pressing the Start button. You still have a chance to cancel, which will not be anymore. In this case, the system will return to the position it was in before the start of the function “New start”.

Чистая установка Windows_10

The system will be carried out preparatory work, the computer will reboot. Then the process of reinstalling the system will come on solid blue screen with display progress in percentage. You just have to calmly wait for the completion of this process “clean” installation of Windows 10.

You do not need to take any action on setting up the system or creating an account. The system already knows all of this and carries out the settings. Also automatically be set region, time zone, settings, security and privacy, which should be paid special attention on a normal Windows installation. In the updated operating system have all moved and set up. Is that bude once you need to do sign in using their account. As you can see, special knowledge and skills are required. Just follow the prompts, and she is all for you.

Снимок экрана (99)

After a while you will see Desk. Most importantly, your personal files, photos, and some built-in universal apps. Even see the folder on the Desktop with a list of those programs and apps that were deleted by the system in the process of reinstalling Windows 10. You will need to be patient for a little longer and fix everything. But now your system will work as with a clean slate. The main problems, bugs and errors will remain in the past, even viruses, cowardly turn tail, leave. Your laptop almost like new again.

A “clean” install Windows 10 from USB drive

But if you want to install Windows 10 from scratch, completely cleaned the hard drive and getting rid of all the programs, and problems and errors that were in previous versions of Windows 10, then you need to learn how to do a clean install. Of course this requires more knowledge and skill than using the “New launch”, but it’s worth it. In fact, for those who are ready for such a course of events, ready to learn or improve their skills installing Windows 10, I’ll write out a detailed step by step instructions.


But remember that sometimes during a clean installation can occur the emergency situation that you need to be ready. Before the procedure, “clean” installation of Windows 10 from a flash drive I recommend to connect your device and wired Internet access, if it’s there. Then there will be a variety of force-majeure circumstances that may hinder you during the installation. And remember that a clean install can only be run on the device, which was activated Windows 10 or you must have the activation key operating system.

Creating the install drive

First of all, we need to create an ISO image of Windows 10 operating system. Before you had to search on the Internet this image and create it with the help of special programs that were often complex to use, and the ISO image was taken is unknown what the software. Now, Microsoft to a minimum made it easier to create the installation stick. Only need to download tool Media Creator official Toll, which you will easily find at this link. This utility will allow you to obtain the official installation image of Windows 10, and absolutely free, with the latest version.

So, download the utility and run it by double-clicking a regular mouse button. A second later it opens. We need to choose the option to Create installation media for another machine. Simply put, you will be able to create an ISO image of Windows 10 from any computer.

Чистая установка Windows_11

Then you must choose the language, edition, and operating system architecture. It is important to remember what Windows 10 installed on your device. If you create an OS image on your device, then the system will automatically determine the appropriate settings.

Чистая установка Windows _12

But on another device you need to set, if the parameters do not coincide with yours. To do this, remove the option to Use recommended settings for the computer and display their. Confirm your choice by clicking the Next button.

In the next window you need to choose where you will write the system image. In this case we will choose the first option, the USB flash memory that is USB flash drive.

Чистая установка Windows _13

Then you should choose from the drop down list the drive on which you’ll record a system image. Remember that it is better to use a USB drive with a capacity of not less than 8 GB, which will be formatted by the system. In other words, all that was previously on the drive will be permanently deleted. Confirming the choice of the stick, start the process of downloading and creating the ISO image of Windows 10. Everything will happen automatically and requires no intervention.

Чистая установка Windows _14

After the whole procedure you will have the flash drive with the latest version of Windows 10, which we will use for “clean” installation.

Preparing to install Windows 10

Now the most difficult for inexperienced users process. We need to prepare a USB flash drive to reinstall your operating system. To do this we need to get into the computer’s BIOS, so restart your device, hold down the Fn key and several times just click on the button F2. In my case it is so. The enter the BIOS for various devices different. What is needed in your case, you can find on the Internet. When you opened the BIOS, go to Boot and put a bootable USB flash drive first in the list, that is the priority. Now, after pressing Enter, the system starts to boot with your pendrive, which is what we need. Nothing else in the BIOS do not touch, and the more experienced users very often offer there is something to adjust, something to lose. You all these manipulations are simply not needed.

In recent time, users are increasingly asking the question regarding the BIOS settings. Although, in his new guise, it is usually still called UEFI, which is a software motherboards. Essentially, this is one of the types of BIOS and the destiny remained in the same direction (the download settings, information about the current state of OS, etc.).

As you know, the start of “dozens” implies fastboot mode, which the developers used in the previous version of the operating system. Thus, the user will not see any prompts to enter BIOS, as it was in “seven” and even earlier versions. However, the UEFI setup no were not going to hide, so to carry out such a procedure will be easy.

To get started, go to “Settings” and select “Update & security”. In the dialog box that appears in the left column, select “Recovery”. The right side of the screen, find the option “advanced startup” and click “Restart now”.

Чистая установка Windows _16

You should go to the Diagnostics section and in the subsection Extra options. To find the option UEFI firmware Settings and click Restart. Thereby you will get access to the BIOS. 9



There is another similar method that is used in those cases where there is no access to Windows 10, but before You login screen. In this situation, press power and hold Shift button in the mini-context menu, click on the option “Reset”. These actions will redirect You to the section “advanced startup”, but what to do next, I have described just above.

The Installation Of Windows 10

After all the preparatory processes and pressing the Enter button will start the procedure of installing Windows 10. There is quite simple steps. Simply put, follow the prompts. Clicking on the Install button, you start the process.




Before you immediately a window will appear asking you to enter an activation key system that you can ignore by pressing Skip. The system itself later activates automatically if was previously activated and tied to your equipment.


Some more settings with a choice of disk space on which you intend to install the operating system. You will also be asked to sign a user agreement with Microsoft. If you want, you can even read it.

Then select the type of installation of the system. In our case, select custom installation, as we need clean Windows 10.


The process of installing the system, apps and other settings the percentage you will see the following window.


Will remain quite a bit and you will see the icon of Windows 10 on your screen, which will confirm that everything went OK and in a few minutes the whole process will end.


Be sure to enter your Microsoft account when you log in. It is useful to Store settings, Microsoft, and other services that are available in Windows 10.



When you are done with installing Windows 10, the desktop appears. But this laptop is nothing but pre-installed apps, which I will discuss in the short article will not.

Снимок экрана (99)

You need to install the required browsers, programs and applications. But hard disk of your device is clean, and the system will get rid of problems and bugs that were previously. You have to remember that all the necessary drivers and configure the system itself was picked up. Anything extra to set up.

To summarize

As it became known from my article, reinstallation of Windows 10 is not that complicated process. It is, of course, requires certain knowledge and skills, but it’s worth it. Performing a clean installation of Windows 10, you will save your device from problems and yourself from a nervous breakdown. After performing this procedure your laptop will naturally work much better than before. It will become your real helper and friend to the world wide web.


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