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Cleaning camera lens: step by step instructions

For extending the line of operation of any thing, it is necessary to follow. Buying expensive optics, the photographer assumes the considerable responsibility of caring for her. Of course, professionals are well aware of what funds are needed to clean the lens of the camera. This article will be useful for novice photographers who first encountered the need to remove accumulated on their optics contamination.

Чистка объектива фотоаппаратаCleaning

To perfectionists, it is important to understand that abuse of this procedure is not necessary. Since any intrusion can cause harm, increase the risk of damage to the protective layer, applied by the manufacturer on lens. Therefore, the cleaning procedure should be done only to the extent of contamination of the lens. The need for premature cleaning can occur when buying used optics.

For additional protection from contamination, it is recommended to purchase a protective filter. These filters are colorless and ultraviolet. Shift lens it is necessary to produce quickly, giving off the camera down, thus reducing the risk of dust. As an additional protective coating of dust can be used blend.

If you decide to purchase professional cleaners, you can find a large amount of offers different sets from manufacturers Hama, LensPen, PhotoSol, Marumi, and many others. The basic kit lens-cleaning consists of:

  • fluid for cleaning the lens
  • wipes or microfiber
  • bag for lens cleaning
  • brushes/brush or pencil
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Liquid for lens cleaning

The easiest way to remove dust from the lens that the photographers use the “whip hand”, is to breathe on the lens and wiped it with a napkin. But, as you might expect, this method is less effective than using special cleaning fluid. The composition of the liquid includes the alcohol, which without further traces effectively removes fingerprints and grease stains on the lens. The liquid is applied to the lens, and on a special cloth or microfiber.

Жидкость для чистки объектива

Cloth or a microfiber

Special cloth for cleaning the optics made from thin fibers, less rough than for the manufacture of conventional wipes. Using the cloth, do not have to fear of damage to the lens.

Also wide popularity in lens cleaning gaining a special cloth microfiber. Unlike disposable wipes, microfiber proper care can be used many times. Fabric that is washable, she copes with the removal of dust and greasy smudges off the lens. Important before cleaning view lens for the presence of coarse dirt and pre-delete, so as not to leave scratches on the optics during cleaning.

Салфетки или микрофибраPear, a pencil or paintbrush to clean the lens

For removal of coarse dirt from the lens using a special bag for venting. In order to avoid getting dust inside the lens during the purge, a modern pear is equipped with a brush, through which is blowing.

Brush provided to remove dust from optics made them a natural soft bristle, therefore, to cause scratches on the lens when cleaning is unable. In addition to the brushes use a special pencil at one end of which is a brush and another cleaning pad. This pencil is widely used by professional photographers as it is well removes greasy fingerprints and dried stains. Also it is compact and considered more effective in comparison with a cloth dampened with a special liquid.

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Груша и кисточки для чисткиProcess lens cleaning

The cleaning process of the lens depends on the degree of contamination. To begin the purge, you can purge the pear, thereby removing coarse dirt particles. Pear need to keep as close to the lens but not touching it. If after purging seen in more significant contamination, you should use contact cleaner.

The process consists in using a special brush, pencil, or napkin. Brush with natural bristles are used instead of the purge bag, but to remove greasy marks it will not work. Brush should be exercised with care, without using force, but not to be afraid to touch the lens.

On the lens if there are grease stains or salt to remove them only with the help of napkins and a special liquid or pencil. There are three methods of removing stubborn dirt: dry clean pencil, dry cleaning cloth wet cleaning cloth.

Dry cleaning with a pencil

Cleaning the lens with a pencil is the most optimal for field conditions, as the pencil is compact and the process is not time consuming. Most photographers choose a cleaning pen by Lenspen. There are also a number of counterparts, which cope with the task not worse. Cleaning starts with the brush, pencil, and ends by wiping optics pad. The pencil should be kept vertical to the lens, surely, but not influencing it. The procedure can be repeated if, after the first wipe the stains remain.

Сухая чистка карандашом

Dry clean cloth

It has been proved that the use of wipes when cleaning the lens is less efficient than a pencil. Obvious traces of grease or salt with a dry cloth is almost impossible to remove. But if there is no choice, it is important to use a special sterile wipes. Gentle circular movements without effort to wipe the lens, preferably with gloves on, not leaving the extra greasy fingerprints on the cloth before wiping.

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Wet cleaning cloth

Optimal for cleaning the optics is to use cleaning wipes or microfiber cloth with a special liquid. After inflicting a small amount of fluid on a napkin, it is necessary to wipe the lens. This simple process will lead to the fastest possible elimination of spots on the lens.

Мокрая чистка салфеткойThere are some rules that you need to remember when cleaning the lens:

  1. If we are talking about the removal of oily stains or salts, without special liquids not do
  2. Apply to wet cleaning have a special alcohol funds
  3. Fungus on the lens it is better not to remove at home, and contact the service center


To clean the lens need not often, but regularly, as accumulation of dust. Each photographer should have a kit for cleaning his optics. It is important to understand that the use of all the means for cleaning is not necessary, is sometimes enough, and purge pear.

Cleaning camera lens: step by step instructions

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