11720 Crack Dishonored 2 hackers decided to fight with its own methods Denuvo

Crack Dishonored 2 hackers decided to fight with its own methods Denuvo

A few days ago hackers managed to crack the Denuvo protection in the game Dishonored 2, which did not respond for a long seven months. In this group of SteamPunks who is responsible for the hacking, used a rather unconventional method bypass the Denuvo anti-piracy protection. Is modified game files, the hackers posted key generator, sensing the game as a license.


To Denuvo was unable to determine the principle on which the generator is key, the team SteamPunks chose to protect his program for hacking anti-piracy protection VMProtect. In other words, the hackers decided to deal with Denuvo its own methods. As recently became known, the developers Denuvo themselves used in the protection system of VMProtect.

Meanwhile, the technology Denuvo continues to take their positions under the onslaught of hackers. The latest version of DRM that protects the Tekken fighting game 7, managed to hack in record time – in just four days. Plus, in the direction of the company hit a new barrage of criticism when it became known that the cracked version of RiME gets a better license.

Source: mygaming.co.za

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