CrucialTec will begin shipment on-screen fingerprint scanner this year

Fingerprint scanners are a common thing in modern smartphones, however, with the emergence of a large number of edge sensor devices are often placed on the rear panel. This decision did not satisfy all users, but the company CrucialTec, one of the suppliers of fingerprint scanners, said that this year will begin shipments on-screen sensor Display Fingerprint Solution. This will allow smartphone manufacturers to abandon the scanner buttons on the front panel, making it virtual.

CrucialTec DFS

CrucialTec, the representative commented that their product can recognize touch even one hair, and the density of the sensor is 500 pixels per inch. The company also announced plans to later release an improved version of the scanner, and the first smartphones with CrucialTec DFS can be expected in 2017.


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