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Cute underwater drone BIKI conquers Kickstarter

Милый подводный дрон BIKI покоряет Kickstarter

Chinese startup Robosea brought on Kicstarter compact underwater drone BIKI, more like characters of the cartoon “finding Nemo”. The bionic robot is moved by movements of the caudal fin. This system works much quieter rotary counterparts, and therefore not deterred by passing a number of fish.

Than it is interesting?

Robot speeds up to 0.5 meters per second and can withstand immersion to a depth of 60 meters. Control its movement in the smartphone app or through a special remote, working under water at a distance up to 10 meters. With the help of sensors, the drone detects obstacles in its path and goes around them. It floats Autonomous, it is enough to specify the desired direction. On the case there are a couple of lanterns for filming at depth, where weak sunlight penetrates. Built-in GPS module allows you to return to the starting point when connection is broken.

Here is a twist!

BIKI is equipped with a camera with a viewing angle of 150 degrees, and supports recording 4K video, and a mechanical stabilization system compensates for vibrations of the housing. Full battery charge will last for 90-120 minutes, all materials are stored in an internal memory of 32 GB. A branded app is compatible with Android and iOS. It will be available in several colors.

The issue price


On Kickstarter underwater drone is available for $600, and the usual BIKI cost will be $1000. The campaign has already gathered four times more than the required $20 000. The beginning of deliveries is scheduled for September 2017, unless, of course, all goes according to plan. Among the competitors of a novelty — a Fathom, One with a modular design and expected price tag of $600, and gathered nearly half a million dollars project Gladius. Both options are designed primarily for control surfaces, and BIKI is more of a true companion diver.

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Scientists use drones in the form of fish to observe underwater life in the service of the army they serve as spies.

Source: Kickstarter

Cute underwater drone BIKI conquers Kickstarter

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