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Delivery Google Cardboard exceeded 10 million

In 2014, Google introduced its cardboard virtual reality headset Cardboard. The device has gained huge popularity and created a new category of devices. At the beginning of last year, Google reported that the supply of Cardboard has exceeded 5 million. And now, a year later, the company reported about new achievement of 10 million shipped Cardboard headsets, and 160 million app downloads Cardboard. In addition, 30 different applications for Cardboard has been downloaded at least million times.

Google Cardboard

Amit Singh, Vice President, VR, Google also announced some information regarding the running last autumn Daydream VR platform. According to him, the owners of Daydream View and compatible smartphones use the devices together for about 40 minutes a week, which exceeds all expectations Google. He also recalled that to date, there are already six Daydream VR is compatible with smartphones and about 100 optimized apps. With more than 50% of all consumed content videos on YouTube. Amit has promised that this year users will find even more quality content.

Source: techcrunch.com

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Delivery Google Cardboard exceeded 10 million

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