Cheaper than on AliExpress: Xiaomi Redmi 4X and other useful gadgets

Online store LightInTheBox offers smartphone with long battery life Xiaomi Redmi 4X at a lower price than AliExpress. In addition, the store now are temporary discounts and other useful gadgets in various categories, including smart home appliances, and even robots. Read more about the devices at a discount read more.

Xiaomi Robot Vacuum

Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum

If you are tired of cleaning or have no time and energy after work to the care home, the robot vacuum cleaner Robot Vacuum Xiaomi will become your indispensable acquisition. Offline he goes home and does the cleaning. This gadget is equipped with many kinds of sensors to maneuver between obstacles. The robot itself builds the best route and when required — independently goes to the charging station. If desired, Xiaomi Robot Vacuum you can control with your smartphone via mobile app.

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Xiaomi Redmi 4X

Xiaomi Redmi 4X

Mid-end smartphone from Xiaomi is very popular. For relatively little money, the manufacturer offers the device in a metal housing with a great “filling” and good battery life. One of the vivid examples is the Redmi 4X. It has a 5-inch HD display, OCTA core Snapdragon processor 435, 3 GB RAM, storage of 32 GB, 13-megapixel camera, two slots for SIM-cards and battery capacity of 4 100 mAh.

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Ciscox S1

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Most smart watches is limited and serves only as an accessory to the smartphone. Model Ciscox S1 and is capable of replacing the smartphone. The watch is equipped with a slot for SIM-card and support work in networks of the third generation. They can be used to make calls and send messages. Ciscox S1 running Android with the ability to install apps from Google Play. They also have a camera that allows you to capture an important moment. They can do everything that other smart watches to measure heart rate, count steps, display notifications from your smartphone and more.

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Xiaomi Mijia Smart IP Camera

Xiaomi Mijia Smart IP Camera

For those who want to turn your house into a “smart” smart camera from Xiaomi will be a great inexpensive solution. It is capable of shooting in 1080p resolution at 20 frames per second and a viewing angle of 130°. Also the camera is equipped with infrared sensors and is able to detect moving objects at distances up to 15 meters and supports night mode viewing distance up to 10 meters. Using a special mobile application, the user can anywhere on the planet to observe what is happening at home and even communicate via the camera, as it has a built-in speaker.

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Drones are becoming more affordable. If you wanted to get a flying drone for fun and do not intend to shoot videos, you should pay attention to a compact and inexpensive model. Such is the SYMA X20 S. Its dimensions are 105 x 105 x 25 mm and weighs 22 grams. The drone has an led backlight and is able to do air tricks like flips or maintain height. To control the drone uses a compact remote control that responds to hand movements in space. Built-in SYMA X20-S battery with a capacity of 180 mAh is enough for 5 minutes of flight, after which it can be recharged from a smartphone, laptop or external battery.

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Model SYMA X20 is essentially a full copy of the SYMA X20 S. Main difference between them is the bundled remote. In the case of SYMA X20, you get a traditional console gaming controller. To manage the drone you can only use the buttons and sticks on the controller, not hand gestures, as in the case of SYMA X20-S.

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