Discounts on apps and games for Android: 23 Mar

Discounts on apps and games relevant only at the time of publication. In this issue: “PROMT offline Translator” – the same translator, around which runs many jokes and anecdotes, fruitless; Deus Ex: The Fall – a cool stealth action, which can be called a mobile successor to “the Deus Ex”: here too there is ventilation, global conspiracies, and the chance of something sticking in the eye; WWE 2K – if you missed the circus, but still scared of clowns, please – a game of wrestling, with a bunch of fighters, good animations and multiplayer.

The app at a discount


Discount price: 143 € (previous price: 429 rubles)


The best translator when no Internet but still a funny (yet) price. Translate texts from virtually any language, and don’t forget that PROMT is able to work with spoken vocabularies.


Games are discounted

Deus Ex: The Fall

Discount price: 75 € (previous price: 279 rubles)

Deus Ex: The Fall

Real mobile shooter in the setting of Deus Ex – with shelters, full stealth, augments, spells, and other attributes of the series. Even brand yellow tint on the spot! The game is $ 1, and it is best that you can buy in Google Play for $ 1.


Discount price: 169 rubles (previous price: 479 rubles)


Crazy (like it happens any other) wrestling on your small screens! Take the most painted actor-fighter, enter the ring and kick the opponent all places at once – a remarkable carnival.


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