Discounts on apps and games for Android: 3 Feb

Discounts on apps and games relevant only at the time of publication. In this issue: great app A Better Camera that will turn your smartphone or tablet into a camera; the classic Japanese role-playing game “old school” Secret of Mana; a beautiful puzzle music game with beautiful graphics Adventures of Poco Eco.

The app at a discount

A Better Camera

Discount price: 59 € (previous price: 329 rubles)

A Better Camera

Not enough settings in the default camera of your phone? No problem – put the app and you will be able to turn many sliders as you like. In addition, there is a function defining the horizon and recording HDR videos.


Games are discounted

Secret of Mana

Discount price: 209 € (previous price: 499 RUB)

Secret of Mana

A classic of the JRPG genre is when a cohort of young blue-haired guys and save the world from the evil villain. Who played in Final Fantasy, he immediately understand everything, but there is a fundamental difference: the battles are in real time.

Adventures of Poco Eco

Discount price: 69 € (previous price: 229 rubles)

Adventures of Poco Eco

A mixture of puzzles, platforming, music, games and… Yes what did not. Return the stolen sounds of his tribe back – but it will have a good run in the (breathtakingly beautiful) world.


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