Discounts on apps and games for Android: April 21,

Discounts on apps and games relevant only at the time of publication. In this issue: “My diet coach” app that will help you (what a surprise!) to lose weight, just keep a food diary, count calories and get inspired by tips; Premium Infinity Loop is a charming puzzle, which is more pleasing to the eye and ear than ship the brain: you are invited to collect a handful of different pieces of a full figure; Mental Hospital IV – a stylish and gutkova game in the style of horror where you have to explore an abandoned psychiatric hospital on the subject of a missing relative.

The app at a discount

My diet coach

Discount price: 10 rubles (previous price: £ 149)

Мой тренер по похудению

Actually, everything is clear already from the name – this app will help you to bring yourself to fly in decent form (still time!). Keep a journal of its power, GM food, read motivational tips, count calories consumed.


Free games

Infinity Loop Premium

Discount price: free (previous price: 85 rubles)

Infinity Loop Premium

Great fun, meditative mood which allows you to relax rather than to remove their brains. From disparate pieces of geometric shapes you collect the whole work. Nothing special, but the design, music and the General mood is mesmerizing.


Games are discounted

Mental Hospital IV

Discount price: 15 € (previous price: 85 rubles)

Mental Hospital IV

The fourth part is cheap, but in its own stylish horror done, by the way, our compatriot. In the previous part curious journalist went to a mental hospital to take a report, and there was gone. You play as the brother of the reporter – judging by what is happening, you too may soon be short.


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