Discounts on apps and games for Android: April 7,

Discounts on apps and games relevant only at the time of publication. In this issue: Evolve Wallappers cool collection of HD pictures: can supply as your screensaver on your phone and enjoy the beautiful illustration; Legend of the Skyfish – a great game about how a little girl, armed with a multi function fishing rod, casts out the vile invaders from their native lands, simultaneously raking a ton of puzzles; Goo Saga Free – to tears cute platformer: you are driving a green bead, pass through many obstacles and trials.

Free app

Evolve Wallappers

Discount price: free (previous price: 50 RUB)

Evolve Wallappers

Tired of the old Wallpaper, but you don’t know what to change them? Not a problem! In this app you will find a bunch of cool cutscenes in HD resolution. Please note, all pictures are designed in a minimalist design.


Games are discounted

Legend of the Skyfish

Discount price: 27 € (previous price: 209 USD)

Legend of the Skyfish

Cool puzzle game about a girl with a fishing rod – you didn’t know, but the usual zakidushka can be a good weapon and a real stick-vyruchalka. Travel to Islands, fight enemies and return the independence of the native land.

Goo Saga Free

Discount price: 50 rubles (previous price: 119 RUB)

Goo Saga Free

A wonderful puzzle-platformer where you play as a cute green creature. Through many dangers, fight enemies and reach your goal! It is very important: the green guy wants to understand what is the meaning of life.


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