Discounts on apps and games for iOS: April 14,

Discounts on apps and games relevant only at the time of publication. In this issue: Star Walk 2 – the coolest app that will appeal to all who are even slightly interested in the stars, just point the smartphone screen on the night sky; the Outline – a great app for creating notes of different complexity and scale: you can attach photos and other valuable data; SteamWorld: Heist is a great game about robots in the world won steampunk: you need to fight metal enemies, using all the known laws of physics (and a couple fictional)

The app at a discount

Star Walk 2

Discount price: 75 € (previous price: 229 rubles)

Star Walk 2

Great Atlas of the celestial bodies. If you have been wondering what is different here is the cluster of stars from that, the app will explain you clearly. You just lift the smartphone to the sky.


Discount price: 599 RUB (old price: 749 rubles)


Simple but very good application that will help you take notes and attach photos, graphics, and all that your heart desires.


Games are discounted

SteamWorld: Heist

Discount price: 529 € (previous price: 749 rubles)

SteamWorld: Heist

Cool game in the style of steampunk, which for some reason is filled with intelligent robots. A piece of iron can do everything: shoot, Rob, fight and divide the loot. Well isn’t that sweet? The price is way too high even with the discount, but the game is worth the money.


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