Discounts on apps and games for iOS: January 31,

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Discounts on apps and games relevant only at the time of publication. In this issue: budget calculator Money Pro; translator and “siderately” text TextGrabber; a wonderful collection of physics puzzles One Hundred Ways.

The app at a discount

Money Pro

Discount price: 15 € (previous price: 379 rubles)


A great tool to display your financial flows – now you finally can find out where leaking the entire salary. Importantly – honest and time to enter data: revenues, expenditures, unexpected expenses and a variety of replenishment (e.g., inheritance).

TextGrabber + Translator

Discount price: 15 € (previous price: 379 rubles)


A lovely bunch of programs – you photograph a document, the application translates it yourself (if another language), and then converts into separate text that can be shared, for example, with the notes.

Games are discounted

One Hundred Ways

Discount price: £ 149 (regular price: 299 RUB)



Great set of puzzles that will remind you the laws of physics – or explain in practice. Say, each level you can go in a hundred different ways, so if you love to experiment – this is your option.


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