5236 Discounts on apps and games for iOS: March 20,
Discounts on apps and games for iOS: March 20,

Discounts on apps and games for iOS: March 20,

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Discounts on apps and games relevant only at the time of publication. In this issue: Todokit – a must-have app for all who can not keep in mind the endless list of all things: with this program you can record tasks, and then they carefully expunged; Pizza Vs. Skeletons – a brilliant game about the confrontation of pizza and a blatant dead: to smash the fragile chick skeletons, jump on him all the weight of its toppings; Leo’s Fortune is an excellent platformer with the cute main hero: play as a cool furball, who has dedicated his life to return to family jewels.

The app at a discount


Discount price: 75 € (previous price: 379 rubles)


You do not have time, forget everything and constantly misses deadlines? Most likely, you have nothing to help but try to fix the situation this is a good task Manager: here you can plan your day, prioritize and even schedule efficiency.


Games are discounted

Pizza Vs. Skeletons

Discount price: 75 € (previous price: 379 rubles)


Absolutely great game – a classic of mobile gaming. You control a pizza, which declared war on the insurgents dead. Kick the skeletons, defeat all monsters, and in the end change into something more appetizing.


Leo’s Fortune

Discount price: 149 € (previous price: 379 rubles)


A wonderful game about charming moustache, which gave chase for a family of gold – “thank you” shiftless relative, all confused. Go through a long obstacle course to the end to return to well-deserved riches.

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