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Discounts on apps and games for iOS on Mar 28,

Discounts on apps and games relevant only at the time of publication. In this issue: Databit is a small but very useful program that shows what goes on mobile and what can be done to these costs to optimize; “Endless arcade” – a great designer: get your game on the engine of this application, experiment, improvise, and then safely complete the test drive just cobbled together games; Flight Unlimited 2K16 is a brilliant simulator of the pilot: take control of a giant Boeing (or any other civilian aircraft) and probrosit it incredibly beautiful sky.

The app at a discount


Discount price: 75 € (previous price: £ 149)


A small program which will show you where it goes mobile traffic. If you have this problem is urgent – swing necessarily: just a single tap to the app posted a long list of data, which clearly explained how much it cost you the same video with the seals.


Games are discounted

Endless arcade

Discount price: 75 € (previous price: 229 rubles)

Бесконечная аркада

Cool designer games – a sort of mobile Little Big Planet. Create your game-level – (scope for creativity: from arcade to puzzle), and then the fun test with friends. The app is suitable for both children and their parents.

Flight Unlimited 2K16

Discount price: 299 RUB (old price: 379 rubles)

Flight Unlimited 2K16

Incredibly beautiful and meticulous simulation of civil aircraft. If you’ve always wanted in heaven, but life decided otherwise find an outlet in this game. A million settings, lots of nuances, not the simple operation, but an indescribable pleasure from piloting a huge edifice.

Source: 4pda.ru

Discounts on apps and games for iOS on Mar 28,

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