15603 DJI Spark: the personal videographer with gesture control
DJI Spark: the personal videographer with gesture control

DJI Spark: the personal videographer with gesture control

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Can a drone become a real flying operator is able to automatically follow the subject? After all, just three or four years ago, a typical quadcopter was huge, heavy and cost as the iron bridge. Now a full-fledged drone, with easy controls and a high-quality camera can be bought at the price of the average smartphone. We took a compact and affordable DJI Spark and went to a forest area to experience all the flight modes and shooting this baby.


Because Spark — exclusively Amateur model, system management is simplified and automated. The gadget does not need a special platform for the take-off, he rises into the air with his hands, and one set was not even a separate remote control. Equipment, as well as additional (e.g., second battery and hub for charging) accessories available More Fly Combo.

DJI Spark DJI Spark

DJI Spark DJI Spark

By the way, the remote control is not required to “steer” the drone using the smartphone app DJI GO 4 (iOS, Android). Instead of analog sticks — two joysticks on the screen. Just like in the simple simulation. The left is responsible for takeoff, landing, and rotation on the vertical axis, the right for horizontal movement in all directions. But the main highlight DJI Spark control.

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Control and gestures

Take off right hand: it is enough to bring the camera to your face, so that the drone has “learned” of the owner and automatically rose into the air. And for gestural control does not need to learn special moves — everything is very simple and intuitive. Putting the palm forward, waiting until the drone recognizes it and will blink green LEDs, and voila — you can send up-down/left-right and watch as the device obediently follows her. The function works well: during testing the quadcopter didn’t lose the hand and clearly respond to commands. Moreover, DJI Spark “remembers” its master thanks to the option of face recognition.

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Another handy thing — photographing a gesture. For this, drones need to show a rectangular frame, the folded fingers. If you wish, you can do without a remote control and a smartphone, controlling Spark only gestures. When the apparatus is not required to fly far away (e.g. when shooting the owner), such control is practically not satisfactory.

From the older models (Phantom 4 and Mavic Pro) Spark inherited the built-in sonar to automatically avoid obstacles like poles, billboards and trees, as well as to stay in one point when a gust of wind. The maximum flight speed, by the way, a decent — 50 km/h in sport mode.

DJI Spark DJI Spark

In addition to a fully manual piloting DJI Spark offers several smart modes. In Rocket mode it takes off straight up, aiming the camera down at Dronie takes off in reverse and keeps the owner in the frame. In Circle mode the camera flies over any given object in a Helix — is gaining height, flying in a spiral. And, of course, have the ability to send Spark to any point by simply touching the screen. The only limitation is the field of view of the camera, which depends on the height.

DJI Spark DJI Spark

Flying at an average speed of about 20 km/h, the drone spends a battery charge in approximately 16 minutes. The figure is quite decent, given the compact dimensions of the device — it a length of only 14 inches, fits easily in the palm of your hand. The ceiling height is 500 meters, which is Spark in calm weather gets at a speed of three meters per second. As can be seen, features not Amateur, but by default, the drone has a limit of height at 50 meters.

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After enjoying the pilot, you can think about how to use other features DJI Spark. Namely, to take photos and record video. The drone can transmit video in 720p resolution on a smartphone via Wi-Fi at distances up to 500 meters when operating with the remote control and up to 100 meters with control from your smartphone. The camera itself is, of course, is recording in Full HD and still photos are saved in JPEG format with a resolution of 12 megapixels. The matrix size is½”, 3″, there is a mechanical and electronic (UltraSmooth) stabilization. From moving objects there is no train, they are not blurred and not distorted — just what you need in dynamic shooting.

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Separately to highlight the ActiveTrack mode in which a drone can follow a moving object. To do this, enable the corresponding mode in the app, select an object in the frame frame and click “GO”. You can choose at what distance and height to remove the object, to follow him or to fly in parallel. However, at speeds above 10 km/h, the device often loses the object and stops. So to shoot cars on a race you will fail, but itself during a walk or bike ride — no problem.

DJI Spark DJI Spark


Boarding is possible in several modes. In classic drone itself returned to the point of takeoff (up to 30-50 cm) and gradually decreases until you touch the ground. Since Spark does not have such high legs, as the Phantom 4, have to ensure that the takeoff area and landing was not tall plants, thick grass stems may damage the blade. The second option of planting — sign, and he will clearly be the most popular. Putting the hand under the drone and wait a few seconds until it will smoothly go down and touch the palm of your hand.

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Well, in the case when the battery charge becomes critically low or loses the connection with the remote control or a smartphone, Spark automatically returns to the point of takeoff and landing in fully automatic mode. The threshold of critical low battery level is determined based on the distance from the launch point — if she gets too far, the machine will start to descend vertically, avoiding possible obstacles.

DJI Spark DJI Spark


To be honest, we didn’t expect anything special from DJI Spark and thought that such an inexpensive model can be an advanced child’s toy, nothing more. Certainly not a full-fledged drone, with which you can shoot something serious. But after testing, the skepticism has not disappeared.

DJI Spark

First, the Spark extremely easy to operate: no need to study no need to read the instructions included and fly. Second, its built-in camera able to take clear and detailed photos and record video that looks great on the big screen. And thirdly, it is the most affordable drone from DJI is to buy a Spark in Moscow for 44290 rubles (the set without the remote).

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