During excavations in Moscow, we found the mobile-a time traveler

The program for improvement of Moscow “My street” project is valuable not only for residents but also for lovers of antiquity. During the preparatory excavations, archaeologists regularly find relics: parts of walls and foundations, pavements, coins, and household items, and in charge even dug up the whole street. But in 2017 in the heart of China-Town in addition to several rare, but the “standard” finds the builders were in for a surprise: they dug up the smartphone. Moreover, it managed to include, and the contents secured him the status of “the time traveler”.

При раскопках в Москве нашли смартфон-путешественник

The most interesting findings during the excavation of the China Town arrived to the place of discovery archaeologists call ancient coins. In addition to the purse with the Petrine coins of the XVIII century, of particular value is the so-called “wedding” gold of the false Dmitry the First, Dating from the early seventeenth century.

При раскопках в Москве нашли смартфон-путешественникPetrovsky solid gold При раскопках в Москве нашли смартфон-путешественник“Wedding” gold of false Dmitry I

But even these findings, as well as Foundation walls and basements of houses, pale in comparison to the smartphone, which is known as was buried under asphalt and soil.

При раскопках в Москве нашли смартфон-путешественник

Surprisingly, the device failed to turn and even partially restore data: sound recording and photographs. Information learning professionals, but we already know that the metadata specifies a time recording and shooting 1 January 1900, and the coordinate information is simply absent. Edition 4PDA managed to negotiate the publication of some images found on the device. Offer them to your attention:

By a strange coincidence, today you can purchase exactly the same device just 12 700 rubles in the store on AliExpress. Upon closer inspection, it turned out that it smartphone Lenovo S30 with IP68 protection. This is what has allowed the device to survive so well.

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При раскопках в Москве нашли смартфон-путешественник

The purchaser should be cautious: the manufacturer has not commented on the “archaeological” discovery and, therefore, it is unknown whether such time travel to happen again.

Source: 4pda.ru

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