Dual camera will be the main “chip” Essential Phone

Andy Rubin — the “father” of Android has made a lot of noise when in late may introduced a smartphone Essential Phone. The development unit has been the company Essential, under the wing which Rubin has brought together experts from Google, Apple, Samsung and other well-known corporations. The smartphone has a number of distinctive features such as the ability to connect external modules, ceramic case and high-end specifications. The Essential output of the Phone is delayed for more than a month, and, as it turned out, all this time experts of the company did not sit idle and worked on improving the camera.

Essential Phone

Essential Phone got dual 13-megapixel camera with a combination of color and monochrome sensors and a lens aperture of f/1,85. A week after the announcement of the smartphone Niccolo De Masi, President and chief operating officer at Essential, published in Twitter a photo taken, according to him, Essential Phone. The was not the best quality.

Essential Phone

Apparently, the company undertook a revision of the camera, as the engineer shooting Ago Ling told about the dual camera in the Essential Phone.

“When we decided to make the main camera to our phone, our main goal was to have a camera that would not be out of the building and not stand out from the overall design of the device. We didn’t want to sacrifice image quality in low light conditions, which is an important option for many people who rely on his camera phone. We were able to accomplish both of these goals,” — said Adiu Ling.

Essential Phone use in color and monochrome sensors. The second module assigns to each pixel a true black or white value, so that the quality is significantly improved even in low-light conditions. Then the two shots are combined using complex algorithms, giving the final picture. In the same way work the smartphones of Huawei.

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A team of engineers Essential gathered and researched more than 20,000 photos and videos to fine-tune settings such as shadows, contrast and others. The example below shows how to combine different parameters to get the final picture.

Essential Phone

“If you shoot a still image Essential Phone activates both cameras at the same time. Then monochrome and color images merge to create a final photo with rich and deep clarity. The first module is designed to capture color. Like most cameras, it uses red, green, or blue filter in different places of the pixel, then this pixel is assigned this value. As a result, the camera must interpolate neighboring pixels to produce the final image. What does it mean? If only some pixels are assigned color values, the camera needs to determine how it should look like the rest of the image, which often leads to a decrease in resolution. That’s why we made our second true monochrome camera, which requires no color filter. The lack of color filter means that any interpretation is not required and each pixel is assigned a true black or white value, which allows the camera to produce images with much less noise and much higher resolution regardless of lighting conditions”, — explained Adju Ling.

The example below shows how to remove each individual camera Essential Phone and what is the effect when these two shots are combined.

Essential Phone

Recently Andy Rubin promised that Essential Phone will go on sale in the next few weeks, however the company continues to lose staff. Informed of Essential left head of communications Andy Fosi and Vice-President of marketing Brian Wallace. Now it became known that the company left the head of the team on designing the UI Liron Damir. Interestingly, he joined Google and is now working on Google Home.

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