The devil’s showdown in the City of Angels: the real story of L. A. Noire (18+)

Every American metropolis is the famous crimes. Chicago is synonymous with bootlegging and the mafia families. Miami drug trafficking. The history of Los Angeles is a chronicle of the passions and vices. Sins, erasing the difference between Hollywood movie stars and gangsters, cops and thieves, with the mansions of sunset Boulevard and seedy dens of Chinatown. In honor of the release of the reissues of cult drama La Noire edition 4PDA, understood as the City of Angels became the demons.

At first glance, to talk about the credibility of the events of the game Australian Studio Team Bondi makes no sense. Yes, the Los Angeles of 1947 is recreated by hundreds of archival images, the plot involved a real person like gangster Mickey Cohen, and the crimes which are investigated by detective Cole Phelps, based on police reports of the 30’s and 40’s, But what about the script, woven with cliches of the Noir films and novels? Cops here are corrupt to the eyebrows, fatal beauty hung around his neck, and incorruptible hero almost single-handedly fights the conspiracy of the urban elite. Gollivudschina? No, crime news Los Angeles, inspired the authors of L. A. Noire, and full of more incredible moments.

Naked city

In 1920, Los Angeles became the largest city in California and the fifth in the United States. Developed oil field, in place of the dusty villages emerged trendy neighborhoods with skyscrapers and vacant lots of Hollywood become film studios. The construction of the aqueducts turned the God-forsaken desert in the promised Paradise, with palm groves and orange plantations.

Реальная история L.A. NoireLos Angeles, Wilshire Boulevard, 1930s

City of Angels attracted not only hundreds of thousands of workers and farmers, coming from all States, but also criminals. Chinatown was turned into crack dens and underground gambling clubs, and Mexican neighborhood was full of girls in their underwear, peeking out invitingly from the Windows. Contributed to the explosive growth of crime and prohibition in 1920, banning the sale, manufacture and transportation of any alcohol up to wine and beer. Not had a draconian rule to enter into force, as the flow of canadian and Mexican booze poured in Los Angeles. A decade of bootlegging, which was accompanied by huge bribes, corrupted officials, and law enforcement officers.

“City of Angels attracted not only hundreds of thousands of workers and farmers, coming from all States, but also criminals”

In 1933 municipal elections were won by a former grocer Frank Shaw, who was destined to go down in history as the most corrupt mayor in the USA. He served as the prototype for mayor of L. A. Noire.

The asphalt jungle

In the age of Show district attorneys, cops, and members of the city Council received generous donations from bootleggers, pimps and bookies. The brother of the mayor not only set the Affairs between the mob and the officials, but also traded the police ranks. For example, $500 could become a Sergeant. At that time the monthly salary of an honest officer does not exceed two hundred dollars, but the selling Dodgers Vice nailed a year is not less than $5,000.

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Реальная история L.A. NoireFrank Shaw and the mayor of L. A. Noire

High-ranking employees of the police Department of Los Angeles (LAPD) did not hesitate to go with a diamond tokens, and patrol a little different from the criminals: racketeers in a blue uniform knocked tribute from businessmen and often arrested innocent, extorting, under the form of a fine ransom from relatives. And Woe to those who dared to resist the tyranny.

“The patrol a little different from the criminals: racketeers in a blue uniform knocked tribute from businessmen and often arrested innocent”

Once the notary Frank Angelillo made with the exposure of the official John Bauer, who monopolized the issuance of municipal contracts on the paint job. The evening clerk was raided by a squad of detectives headed by the Bauer — representative of the highest legal organ of the city! and the district attorney. Angelillo, people marked so that required hospitalization. A story that would have seemed implausible even Raymond Chandler, the Los Angeles of the 1930s were nightmarish routine.

Intense heat

Surprisingly, gangster Empire it destroyed the owner of a chain of cafeteria Clifford Clinton. With the support of private investigator Harry Raymond (last — rate the face of fate — the crooked LAPD officer). The civic Committee organized by the Clinton, presented to the Grand jury shocking evidence: in Los Angeles were operating freely 600 brothels, 300 gambling houses, 1800 betting shops and 23,000 slot machines.

Реальная история L.A. NoireSearch for clues after an explosion in the garage, Harry Raymond, 1938

As the mayor answered to the accusations? Terror. In October 1937, at the home of Clinton detonated an explosive device. The family of restaurateur narrowly escaped death. January 14 blew up the car, Harry Raymond, nakupavshis a lot of dirt on former colleagues. Barely alive syskar from the body which doctors removed the 186 fragments, was a kind of political bomb — gave explosive testimony incorruptible jury. The dynamite under the car — as confirmed by the witnesses — laid… LAPD captain Earl Kenneth! It turned out that the bomber in a blue uniform led the secret Department, collecting materials against opponents Show. Wiretapped the phones of businessmen, newspaper publishers and other dignitaries.

“As the mayor answered to the accusations? Terror”

In light of these revelations it is no wonder that Frank’s Show is the first in U.S. history, the mayor dismissed the recall procedure of the vote. Democracy! Alas, deserved punishment suffered only captain Kenneth, who was sentenced to ten years in prison. The other defendants — of the head 23 and 150 officers — escaped layoffs. On the re-election of the mayor won judge Fletcher Bowron, the election campaign which was held under the slogan “clean Los Angeles from crime!” Ironically, when Bourne LAPD landed in a new corruption scandal. They are inspired by the main script line masterpiece Team Bondi.

Meaningless triumph

Police detective Cole Phelps in L. A. Noire is not opposed to one villain, and a massive conspiracy associated with insurance fraud and land fraud. It would seem that classic film Noir situation — remember the same “Chinatown” or Polanski’s “L. A. Quartet” of Ellroy. However, the protagonist of the game there is a specific historical type.

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Реальная история L.A. NoireCharles Stoker and Cole Phelps

Charles Stoker, like Phelps, had to war during world war II and began his career in the LAPD patrol. He quickly went on increasing, hitting a Vice — not a good place for a devout Catholic.

“In the 40’s it was hard to imagine a more effective way to police corruption than service in the Vice. Not everyone can resist the temptation of easy money and available women,” John Bunting, L. A. Noir: The Struggle for the Soul of America’s Most Seductive City.

Stoker was not just crystal honest officer, as a Crusader, leading a relentless war against lawlessness. But zealous in the service of the debt to Charles as a hero, L. A. Noire, is faced with the cruel reality of the 40’s, in which the forces of law and order and the municipality acted in concert with criminals.

“In the 40’s it was hard to imagine a more effective way to police corruption than service in the Vice”

In 1948, the Stocker went out in Hollywood received from the Manager of the upscale home. Jimmy Vaus explained that residents had complained about noisy neighbor: Marge suspiciously often frequented by men. Stoker and I was glad to help, but without a warrant you don’t have the right. The decision prompted Vows, since the childhood was fond of Amateur radio. He proposed to attach to your phone line recording device of his own design. The plan worked: he managed to obtain evidence of an indecent activities Marge and arrest her. Thus began a collaboration of a Sergeant and a brilliant electronics engineer.

Реальная история L.A. NoireJimmy Vaus and Brenda Allen

Thanks to Vous the Stoker has a chance to not just eradicate moths in a particular area, but to hit the main “Madam” in Los Angeles. Business Brands Allenwho ran an elite harem of beauties 114, was based on telephone viswanath girls. After finding her apartment and organize the wire, Stoker was able for months to gather evidence, sitting in parked next to the car. And the more he delved into the conversation, the deeper into the web of lies and lawlessness that enveloped the City of Angels. After all, the Empire of debauchery fronting the bosses LAPD and Sergeant Elmer Jackson from Vice was the lover of Brands. The threads of corruption stretched to the chief of police, and district attorney.

What was the moralist of the Stoker, trapped in the protagonist’s situation elpatyevski “Serpico”? Arrested in may 1949 Brenda Allen, he decided to go to the end to expose the conspiracy before a Grand jury.

“Empire of debauchery fronting the bosses LAPD and Sergeant Elmer Jackson from Vice was the lover of Brands”

“In the seized Brands Allen box — the names and addresses of prominent filmmakers, radio and business. The disclosure of the information could destroy their careers and to condemn to public censure. I impose a ban on the publication of data,” judge Joseph Hall on the trial of Allen.

Реальная история L.A. NoireBrenda Allen with attorney, 1949

However, the werewolves in epaulets were not going to surrender, accusing in turn, the Sergeant of extortion and racketeering. Jimmy Wausa strange way stolen phone film. Framed Sergeant and ally Audrey Davis, participated in the capture of Allen — refused key evidence.

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ACE in the hole

The case was falling apart… but suddenly, Stoker had an ally. And what! Mickey Cohen, the notorious gangster of Los Angeles, gathered to tell the Grand jury about the corruption of the authorities. And even judges to show the missing phone materials. Sold them to the priest himself Vows work with the “kosher mafia” after successfully purged from the police “bugged” his house.

“Mickey Cohen, the notorious gangster of Los Angeles, gathered to tell the Grand jury about the corruption of the authorities”

If the situation is absurd enough, check: a tap on the Mickey house, and the cops had established a year earlier. Thanks to the advice Jimmy Vause opened electronics shop. Yes, the techie managed to work and honest Stoker, and his corrupt colleagues and criminals. The guy from LAPD, writing serious dirt, began to blackmail the priest. He could cover their trump card? Your own ACE in the hole: films with Brenda Allen. However, to publish them failed.

Реальная история L.A. NoireMickey Cohen and his namesake of L. A. Noire

July 20, 1949, the day before the scheduled testimony, Mickey gave the news. News came from volleys of shot: Cohen fired in the morning on sunset Boulevard when he came out with the guards from the night club. One bullet entered the right shoulder of a gangster, the other mortally wounded the bodyguard. To see the attackers failed — disappeared into the night. However, abandoned near a police-issue shotgun and shells characteristic of the sample spoke more eloquently than any words. Not surprisingly, Cohen abruptly changed his mind to appear before a Grand jury.

A bitter farewell

Avoiding spoilers, let’s say that the fate of Cole Phelps in the final, L. A. Noire is not the best way. And the victory over evil is more like a defeat: almost all participants of criminal scams, including the police chief and the mayor, manages to emerge unscathed. Needless to say, that the outcome mirrors the story of Charles Stoker?

Реальная история L.A. Noire

Slick Brands Allen and weighty testimony — none of the cops did not want to go against their incorruptible Sergeant failed in court. The procuress put for a year, but to connect her with top LAPD failed. Easily got out of a sticky situation and higher ranks.

“The next 25 years, Charles worked in the depot of the Pacific railroad. And died March 10, 1975, abandoned by all”

“All the really bad cops or retired, as happened with chief Clemens Herrala, or fired, or even promoted,” recalled Charles Stoker in his autobiography Thicker’N Thieves.

[embedded content]

And although accusations of extortion Stoker was removed, he was demoted by sending direct traffic. Then was dismissed. He was hounded, ridiculed in the Los Angeles Times and other tabloids. The next 25 years, Charles worked in the depot of the Pacific railroad. And died March 10, 1975, abandoned.

Dared to uphold justice and honor in the abode of Vice? Forget it, Charles. It’s Los Angeles.

The author of the text: Vladimir Saldan


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