E3 2017 for those who scored at E3 2017 — summarize the results of the exhibition

Thus, the “hot” part of E3 has come to an end. Loud announcements, penoplasti, impressions, hits, dozens of failed jokes, which curled even kindergartners — the years go by, technology is changing and leading, and the presentation still cause range of different emotions. Such matinees taste not for everyone, so 4PDA prepared readers digest special. That showed what he was talking about and what company should award the crown to the winner? We have written several detailed materials, it’s time to draw the line.

Electronic Arts stood on the Light side of the Force

The honor to open the season press conferences was awarded to Electronic Arts — and admittedly, an hour and a half performance was really entertaining. In fact showed the obvious: a number of sporting pastimes (mainly Madden NFL and FIFA 18 18), Star Wars Battlefront II, Need for Speed tragapogon Payback, Supplement to Battlefield 1. But in this case it’s not what — and how.

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After viewing there is a strong feeling that EA has decided to fight with the image of one of the villains of the industry. In speeches leading constantly flashed the words “for you”, “for gamers”, and the usual detachment was replaced by enthusiasm — perhaps even honest.

This is best manifested during a screening of the second Star Wars Battlefront. Players did not like the paucity of content and lack of story campaign in the original? No question! In the upcoming sequel, will add cards, increase of action and will podadim on the development of three studios. We will do everything so that no one, neither Tom nor John, nor John Boyega is not left disappointed.

And so in all. Football fans offered the most technical and spectacular simulator in FIFA 18. Experts Madden was pleased with the storyline campaign NFL 18. Even the domestic audience, the company found, what to catch: when in the teasers famous shooters read the poems of Anna Akhmatova? Thank you DICE with her trailer “Battlefield 1: In the name of the king”.

E3 2017 для тех, кто забил на E3 2017

And let myself EA sure a highlight of the program was Battlefront II (she paid for half an hour), the personification of the best, good and eternal that there is in the company, was the announcement of cooperative adventure drama A Way Out. Not a sequel, not a bloody action — Packed emotional story in the spirit of “the Shawshank redemption”, and even touching from the creators of Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons. The main surprise Saturday night — and a reason to admire the courage of “electronics”. Repeated the story Unravel, only on a completely new level.


Microsoft made an expensive console for indie production

If the presentation of EA left a more or less pleasant experience, about the press conference Xbox will not say. Even before the start of the event managed to jabs from the Internet community: the grounds were black t-shirts with the inscription “I saw the most powerful console in history”. Jokers don’t miss the chance to walk on the arrogance of Americans to boast of-it is necessary not only cool iron, but also games, worthy of his use. But obviously the us isn’t so obvious to Phil Spencer and his team.

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It all began for health: Scorpio has finally found a face and real name — Xbox One X. as part of the characteristics it is unlikely that someone can Express a claim to the device: it really thump the competitors. To demonstrate its potential power helped the new Metro — with beautiful panoramas of the huts and the bears-mutants. Potential since worked a game on a PC with as close to One X features: it is such pictures and such framerate on the console want to achieve the developers. Many impressed and gameplay video of Assassin’s Creed Origins: pyramids and camels — everything. Racing fans won Forza Motorsport 7 — for her on stage even real Porshe 911 the ride.

“42 games, 22 of which are exclusive to our platform!” — said from the stage as never happy with Spencer. Well? With reservations. Don’t laugh: most of the titles announced for the console is a multiplatform indie. It’s no joke — in the middle of 2017 in all seriousness to roll out to the scene of Minecraft and there is something to broadcast about 4K? Again show on Sea of Thieves and for the third year in a row to seduce the audience frankly delayed Cuphead?

E3 2017 для тех, кто забил на E3 2017

Looking at two-dimensional platformer and zombie action with graphics in the best case, a standard Xbox One, it was difficult to resist the question: “is that all, this is a compilation of releases for the most powerful console in history?” Unfortunately, Yes: Halo 6 and, say, Gears of War 5 in Los Angeles and brought. Crackdown 3 looks a bit pathetic. Now prepare the $ 499 — or update Windows to 10 version.

But One X could launch hits for the original Xbox. Useful but symbolic: who knew that to run Crimson Skies required 6 teraflops!

Honor to complete the mediocre presentation was awarded the sci-Fi Thriller Anthem, announced in the end of the conference the draft EA BioWare. Let promising action succeeded in rousing the audience was asleep, it was too late: for some two hours One X earned the title of “Indie-box for 500 bucks”.


Bethesda invented a magical land where even pay for fashion

Unlike EA and Microsoft, the publishers of Fallout and The Elder Scrolls decided to approach its performance creatively. Less strangers and boring press-release chatter, more miracles and magic in 7 am GMT, the gamers went into the tale. Welcome to Bethesdaland, a country of high mountains and invisible walls!

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At the entrance the audience met entirely familiar faces: The Elder Scrolls Online with the addition of Morrowind, TES card: Legends and multiplayer shooter Quake Champions. This was the main problem of event: 40 minutes about 25-30 went to the obsasyvanie old information. The hall applauded — out of politeness. Was waiting for something mind-blowing.

Instead — meet VFR DOOM and Fallout 4 VR, two ambitious but belated experiment with virtual reality. Blow past wallets.

E3 2017 для тех, кто забил на E3 2017

Knowing the love of his audience to the fan creativity, Bethesda announced the Creation Club: special service with which gamers will be able to buy modifications and new custom content for The Elder Scrolls V and Fallout 4. One catch: the service will be a little surcharge. But a couple of years ago, a similar initiative has not only kicked the lazy. And why bump on the same rake?

The precarious position was saved in the last minute: the audience, alternately showed the trailers are additions to Borderlands 2, the sequel to The Evil Within and the long-awaited sequel Wolfenstein: The New Order, entitled II Wolfenstein: The New Colossus. Not a shock, but awe.

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E3 2017 для тех, кто забил на E3 2017

The whole journey in Bethesdaland is ambiguous. On the one hand, without “water”. With the abundance of junk no one of color, and accentuated the childishness looked strange on the background of the bloody militants for adults. “Well, my dad animates flying lumps the Nazis and the charred bodies of civilians in The New Colossus!”


Intermission: Devolver Digital lit, that will not find

No one expected, but best of all at E3 made not by some giant like Sony or Microsoft, but a relatively small publishing house Devolver Digital. Their pre-recorded presentation was the wildest farce, boldly (and shamelessly) making fun of the entire industry and its the most stupid quirks.

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And walked on Early Access (“let’s Go even further — Earliest Access, sell the game, and ideas that came into our heads!!”), and for the payment of goods by throwing money at the monitor, and even overly vigorous leading. And there was a crazy representation of a real brain explosion and rivers of blood. Keep it up, Devolver!


Ubisoft made a legend of the industry, to burst into tears right on the stage

That’s something that, as the press conference started with a big surprise: advance criticized by the masses Mario + Rabbids, that ain’t nothing! The crossover, which waited only the bad, actually very nice clone of XCOM is vibrant, colorful and quite nice. A pleasant surprise set the tone for the entire performance.

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The whole next hour the audience almost bombed at least interesting innovations. Race 2, The Crew, the pirate online shooter Skull & Bones, as many as two project based on South Park, the first demo of Far Cry 5… And was a truly incredible event: a full-scale announcement of Beyond Good & Evil 2. The sequel has been waiting for almost 10 years, blew up the Internet. And when he came to the podium, touched by Michel Ancel and almost cried from the flood of emotions at this moment heart has not missed a beat only the most callous.

No stupid toilet jokes, no Tom Clancy, no strained interview with bored film stars. And games developers, as it should be. In short, 40 minutes of excellent, albeit not brilliant, the presentation, after which really wants to live. Although a dance number with a group of cibercasino and Panda… this is unnecessary. The French got to stop with this clown.


Sony completely relaxed

It would seem that once Ubisoft managed not to lose face, Sony will definitely show the class. Bring in Los Angeles not only declared a blockbuster, but also a pack of new — to competitors was to teach. There Resistance 4, Bloodborne and II, and no Red Dead Redemption 2 will not do… Uh, Microsoft with its Xbox One X still poplyashesh!

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But no. Instead of the triumph of the Japanese Corporation gave hour session of frustrationthat is difficult to describe in words — it must be experienced. Just imagine: to sit in a stuffy room, waiting for the loud announcements, and get in the best case, one after the other trailers of familiar things. God of War, Call of Duty, Destiny, five VR-trinkets that make you want to blush… “where the failure of the tower, is that all? one could see in the eyes of the audience. — How is Red Dead Redemption 2? Why do we need Monster Hunter? What the hell is going on?!” Position could not save even Spider-Man — Yes, he stopped the crane from falling and caught tolerate crash a helicopter, but even the venerable superhero is not powerful enough to pull a weak press conference.

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And it is not to say that this game is bad — on the contrary, minus the VR stuff is all very good. Every big project is clearly done with love and care, no matter how secondary or on duty it seemed. For example, alternative demo Days Gone perfectly shows how much of the ambitions invested in the project: it’s not just a scripted action, and a small little world with interesting mechanics.

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But even with the above in mind left a very unpleasant feeling that Sony worked not to the fullest. So, with a lazy swing dancing was a mandatory program, and went home to sleep after a hard day. You see, tired of her every year to surprise their fans, so went to rest on our laurels, as we predicted in our article about E3 a week ago. Thanks though for a remake of Shadow of the Colossus from Bluepoint Games, and it would have been quite shameless beggar.


Nintendo resurrects corpses

The finishing touch of the season was the Nintendo Spotlight — a half-hour transfer, which usually show the most promising developments of the company. Overall, everything was pretty expected: pack of trailers, showcasing the DLC for The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, eyed plumber with a cap in Super Mario Odyssey, dinosaur Yoshi, Rabbits…

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Until suddenly the black screen appeared the magic number of 4. Metroid Prime is the triumphant rose from the dead — under a deafening applause from all over the world. Don’t care if there’s no release date, gameplay video and even screenshots — return of Samus waited so long, so persistently, and at last the hour had come. And then to, obviously, just to drive you crazy fans, announced Metroid: Samus Returns — portable 2.5 D action game for Nintendo 3DS from the creators of Castlevania: Lords of Shadow. The subtitle could not be in cash. In short, success.


What’s the bottom line?

E3 2017 is difficult to call it entirely successful: the level of the previous year (with a dozen strong announcements) to withstand failed. A good game was — and how! — however, there is a strong suspicion that the big publishing houses don’t move on.

Microsoft won in the clouds with teraflops and gigahertz, not paying attention to the lack of a coherent exclusives strictly for Xbox. Bethesda is working on the machine, once again thumb The Elder Scrolls Online and Legends. And Sony instead of having to hit the competitors with a powerful wave hits, move away the aces in the sleeve and holds conferences like under the lash. What the hell VR, if he is fit only for catching fish and horror movies with screamer?

E3 2017 для тех, кто забил на E3 2017

Even Nintendo has surprised so far-so far: none level Breath of the Wild of the public is not presented. Well at least not useful in virtual reality and the senseless arms race, putting in the forefront the most important: quality games.

Not counting the frankly bizarre speech Devolver, only Electronic Arts and Ubisoft have made steps in the right direction: they finally got rid of the habit to turn the event into a cheap circus. Progress. It is a pity that the overall impression somewhat depressing. Let’s see what awaits us next year.

For those who want the gritty details to know about each presentation E3 2017, watch trailers, and offers the best picture — below you will find detailed reports from conferences. There are many interesting things.


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