11794 EA revealed details of a beta test Star Wars Battlefront II

EA revealed details of a beta test Star Wars Battlefront II

Star Wars Battlefront is a shooter EA, the action which takes place in the universe of “Star wars”. DICE Studio has already scheduled the release of the sequel, the presentation of which might take place tonight at the EA conference. Meanwhile, the company updated the blog in advance, and now there is information about the new product. A beta test is planned for autumn, so to play immediately after the announcement will not work. Impatient gamers will be able to pre-order any edition of the game and get access to testing in advance.

Star Wars Battlefront II

DLC content of the game will be available to all in the form of seasons. Star Wars Battlefront II: The Last Heroes Jedi users will be able to customize the appearance, Kyle and ray and you’ll have access to cards that improve the abilities of your characters.

In addition, EA revealed the contents of the extended edition Elite Trooper Deluxe Edition. In its composition, gamers will get access to the game three days before release. Among the exclusive content in the publication will be four upgrade pack: Officer, Heavy, Assault and Specialist. Each of them includes a unique weapon and a card.

The announcement of the beta testing Star Wars Battlefront II has already taken place, however, the Studio did not comment about his timing. Still waiting for today’s presentation of the news, where the authors reveal new details about the project.

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