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EA has removed microtransactions from Star Wars Battlefront II

The scandal with the microtransactions in the multiplayer shooter Star Wars Battlefront II led to the highly-anticipated consequences — just hours before the release of a new game company Electronic Arts has decided to abandon in-app purchases. It happened so fast, without any advance announcement, which many decided that it was just a bug. But soon the Studio DICE, responsible for the development of the acclaimed shooter, made an official statement. And appeared to rejoice while early.

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In the message DICE had the following to say:

Our goal has always been to create a better game for all of you loyal Star Wars fans and gamers. We also constantly seek to listen, configure, and develop the experience as it grows. You saw it as with basic settings and with the polishing that we did over the last few weeks.

But as you get closer to worldwide launch, it became clear that many of you find the project problems. We have heard that potentially could give gamers an unfair advantage and that this overshadows a great game. It was never our intention. Sorry, we do not understand.

We hear you loud and clear, so we disable all in-app purchases. Now we spend more time listening, adjusting, bringing balance and tuning. This means that the possibility of buying crystals in the game is now disabled, and all the progress you can earn through gameplay. Option of purchasing crystals will be available later, but only after we will make changes. We will share more information as it is already working on it.

Star Wars Battlefront II

The form in which the crystals back in Battlefront II and how they will affect gameplay — remains a mystery. Until then too early to talk about the victory community. However, many gamers believe that this is an important event — they have ensured that the developer and publisher they not only heard, but also gave it a go. According to rumors, the changes in Battlefront II was introduced only after the intervention of Disney and personally the head of the company Robert iger.

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Source: forbes.com

EA has removed microtransactions from Star Wars Battlefront II

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