9390 EA was disappointed in Mass Effect: Andromeda and put the new game BioWare

EA was disappointed in Mass Effect: Andromeda and put the new game BioWare

Company Electronic Arts has reported for the last fiscal year, speaking on the topic of Mass Effect: Andromeda and BioWare. The publisher is not left without attention the fact that the last part of Mass Effect has received the worst assessment in the history of the series and was subjected to harsh criticism. What was the reason for the failure of the Andromeda, you can talk for a long time, but Electronic Arts this question has its own answer.

Mass Effect

According to the Executive Director of EA Andrew Wilson, the chief cause of problems Mass Effect: Andromeda was its overly long development cycle. The ambitions BioWare have led to the fact that the developers have been unable to bring to mind that originally conceived. So, we got a heap of technical problems and a desolate open world, which seems lifeless. About the plot, which also does not Shine, Wilson somehow didn’t mention. But he said that the average rating of Mass Effect: Andromeda does not meet their expectations, although she noted that the game received more than 100 assessments with a score of 80 and above.

At the meeting of investors was also announced that the new game from BioWare has been postponed. The project will come only in 2019 the financial year that is not before March 2018. It will be a completely new IP with dynamic gameplay, interesting game mechanics and unusual design. Executive Director of EA also noted that the postponement of the next game BioWare is not related to the overall situation around Mass Effect: Andromeda. The Studio needs more time to pull all aspects of the game to the proper level.

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