6847 Easter decor. Cool selection of bright ideas and suggestions

Easter decor. Cool selection of bright ideas and suggestions

Easter decor. Cool selection of bright ideas and suggestions

Easter is just a week. Its celebration is associated with many traditions and attributes. To bake Easter cakes, to paint and decorate eggs, decorate the house – it’s all very exciting, and in some cases still very tasty.

Пасхальные декорации-2017Today we will share with you cool ideas stylish Easter decor. Thematic table setting, as well as what he put on, unusual Easter eggs, Easter eggs and composition, fresh flowers, flower arrangements, Easter baskets, nests, wreaths and trees, adorable Easter bunnies and sweets, many sweets… well, it will be interesting. Here we go.

Пасха-EasterThe contents

Пасхальные декорации-варианты

1. Festive table

Пасхальный декор-фото

2. Flowers and plants

3. Decorative baskets and sockets

4. Easter trees

5. Easter wreaths

Как сделать пасхальный венок-рекомендации

6. Easter garland

7. Candles, sweets and other decor

Пасхальный декор-подборка идейSee also: Easter eggs: unusual methods of painting and decoration.

Festive table

Как накрыть пасхальный стол-предложенияEaster cakes, curd Easter cake, Easter eggs and Easter eggs – it happens at the celebration of this bright day.

Пасхальные композиции в едином стиле-фотоCome to the aid of modern appliances: bread maker, oven, blender , and not only.

Пасхальная композиция-готовимся к светлому праздникуLet the electronics will do the routine work, so that you have the strength to decorate and adequately submit all the Goodies that have become constant attributes of the Light of Christ’s Resurrection. And to dream!

So, sweets for children can be arranged in the form of baskets with Easter eggs. They will be assorted candies-jelly beans, resembling tiny eggs. A green coconut will represent the grass.

Пасхальное меню-предложенияCover the table with a festive tablecloth better than linen or cotton in natural or spring colors. For example, the awakening after a winter of nature. Main color 2017 – greenery – just epitomizes fresh herbs.

Цвет greenery-2017A wonderful option! It even flagship smartphones released. Huawei P10 and P10 Plus he is very.

Huawei P10 greenery-экран смартфонаYou can play on contrasts, choosing bold color combinations. But it is important to strike a balance, to withstand all the scenery in the same style.

Пасхальные яйца в одной цветовой гамме-фотоFirst of all, decide the color scheme, prevailing in all components of the decor, and after the experiment.

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Пасхальная сервировка-вариантыThe main decorative elements of the festive table – cloth.

Подготовка к празднику-салфеткиCan be used as fabric or paper. And if you spend a little time, you’ll get a funny rabbit.

Пасхальные кролики из салфеток-фото

Яйцо-пасхальный кроликThey are in the West are a symbol of Easter.

Сервировка пасхального стола-кролики из салфеток

Пасхальный кролик в декорациях

Пасха-2017-праздничный декор

Металлический пасхальный декор-фотоWill look good on the holiday table elegant dinnerware with floral patterns or clear glass.

Крохотные пасхальные гнезда

Пасха-сервируем стол столовые приборы

Пасхальная корзинкаThe presence of braided muffin hot, wooden figurines, clay pots for plants or just the glass vases in rattan makes the setting more intimate. Family holiday is important.

Ротанг-сервировка праздничного стола к ПасхеSpectacular on the table of the composition of eggs. How many options there are!

Пасхальные корзинки и декорации-идеи

Easter decor-photoParticularly interesting in them quail eggs. You don’t even have to paint.

Пасхальный декор с перепелиными яйцами-фото

Пасхальная корзинка-вазы с яйцами и цветамиTry to build something beautiful from the eggshell. Want – populate it with animals! Surely you get a unique composition. And don’t forget to capture it on memory at least on your smartphone, so you can and social networks to brag about.

Подготовка к Пасхе-композиция из яичной скорлупыAnd colors remember.

Цветы на пасхальном столе-фото

Цветы на пасхальном столе-фото 2They will refresh any decor.

Подготовка к Пасхе-тематическая атрибутика

Flowers and plants

Весенний декор к Пасхе-живые цветы и пасхальные яйцаAny woman will confirm that colors not much happens, and jewelry.

Как сделать цветочную композицию-фото 2

Как сделать цветочную композицию-фотоAnd since Easter is also a celebration of the arrival of spring, and this is their time, we insist that they were in the house, and on the table.

Весенний декор к Пасхе-живые цветы

Весенний декор к Пасхе-живые цветы фото 2And outside, in the yard too.

Большая пасхальная композиция-фотоDo not limit yourself to simple bouquets. And those, by the way, you can transform with little felt toys – just mi-mi-mi.

Стильная пасхальная композиция в фиолетовом цвете / Букет с фетровыми животными-идеиOn this occasion, and created complex floral arrangements.

Подготовка к Пасхе-такие разные деревья и композицииSupplement can be roots, moss, grass and, of course, Easter eggs.

Ваза с цветами и кореньями-фотоMake themed vase. For example in the form of huge balls. Look how gorgeous:

Большое пасхальное яйцо-ваза

Модные пасхальные композиции-Pots, decorated with artificial moss, live plants are also good.

Модные пасхальные композицииA great option is to plant small flowers and plants, you can pot with eggshells.

Живые цветы в яичной скорлупе-коллажImpromptu vases to hang in the room, put on the table, they complement a festive composition.

Зелень в скорлупе яиц

Горшочки из скорлупы-идеи и фото

Мини-вазочка из яичной скорлупы-фото

Мини-вазочка из яичной скорлупы-фото 2

Горшочки из скорлупы-с живыми цветамиBelow fotostrecke:

Мини-вазочка для цветов из скорлупы-подготовка яйцаМини-вазочка для цветов из скорлупы-высадка растенийIn advance paractice in a beautiful bowl of wheat or oats. Right this juicy herbs you can lay your eggs and eggs.

Светлый праздник Пасхи-декорацииHarmoniously will look in the interior of a small vase with painted eggs and plants.

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Пасхальные вазы с цветами и расписными яйцами-коллажПасхальные композиции с зеленью и яйцами-фотоPainted eggs are harmonious and in flower pots with herbs, by the way, and edible. For the spring detox !

Decorative baskets and sockets

Праздничная корзинка с пасхальными яйцамиThey belong in the championship table Easter songs.

Пасхальные корзинки-как сделать идеиDecorative baskets and nests used for the table setting, as well as for the decoration of the sideboards, fireplace surrounds, and window sills.

Пасхальная корзинкаIf you have children, you know that making Easter baskets is almost the best option for combining leisure. Carries no worse than LEGO!

Пасхальный декор-корзинка своими руками The basket you can build yourself out of cardboard or twigs for example, you can simply decorate the finished braided product.

Пасхальная композиция своими руками-готовимся к ПасхеTypes of compositions – just darkness.

Пасхальные корзинки-фотоидеи

Корзинки на Пасху-фотоидеи

Пасхальные корзинки-вариант And here’s another idea:

Пасхальные композиции своими руками-фотоEaster nest is easiest to build with sisal, twigs and sticks, reminiscent of the building material for bird nests. Will look beautiful in them of fine willow twigs.

In addition, make nests out of any available materials, including paper packaging from under the eggs from braided strips of old magazines and Newspapers.

Декоративное гнездо-как украсить стол на Пасху

Пасхальное гнездо-своими руками

Пасхальные гнезда-коллажThey not only lay eggs and eggs and sweets in the form of eggs.


Пасхальное гнездо своими руками-фото

Многоуровневая пасхальная композиция-фотоAnd you can make chocolate nests out of the ordinary straw, beloved children, chocolate bars and candy.

Пасхальные гнезда-десертKeep the dessert in the fridge (the chocolate may leak).

Пасхальный десерт-шоколадные гнезда

Easter trees

Пасхальное дерево-коллажThe Easter tree is a symbol of prosperity and well-being.

Пасхальное дерево своими руками-идеи и фотоAnd it can transform even the most dull interior.

Пасхальное дерево-идеи

Пасхальное дерево-фотоидеиYou can make table trees with decorative Easter eggs.

Пасхальное дерево на стол-праздничный декорCan outdoor.

Большое пасхальное дерево оригинальной формы-фото 2Will help to diversify their Easter eggs with the original decor.

Оригинальные пасхальные яйца-идеи и фотоLuxuriously and the addition of live plants.

Оригинальное пасхальное дерево с зеленью-фото

Easter wreaths

Пасхальные венки-коллажEaster wreath is a classic symbol of warmth and sun. Usually it is hanging on the front door, like Christmas. You can put on the window or by the fireplace if it is in your home.

Пасхальный венок-крупный планTraditional colors for an Easter wreath: white, green and red colors. But one does not preclude the experiments. For example, it is possible to make black-and-white wreath with these monochrome Easter eggs.

Нежный пасхальный венок-идеи Декор пасхальных яиц-идеи и фотоComplete your wreath not only the egg and krashenki, but spring flowers, ribbons, figurines of animals, birds, insects, willow branches and greenery, feathers, moss or, for example, for gingerbread that was not only beautiful, but also delicious.

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Пасхальный венок

Пасхальный венок

Пасхальный венок

Пасхальный венокEaster bunnies, by the way, excellent “live” wreaths.

Пасхальный венок с кроликами и мхом-фото идеиOr themselves can be a Easter wreaths.

Пасхальный заяц-венок на стенуAnd here is how the original looks ordinary Easter wreath frame:

Пасхальный венок в рамке-идеи

Easter garland

Деревянная пасхальная гирлянда-фотоThey will decorate the house and will give a festive mood.

Гирлянда-помпоныBy the way, why don’t you entrust this work to children while you stand at the plate? They’d do it.

Пасхальные гирлянды-коллаж

Candles, sweets and other decor

Шоколадный заяц и свечи-пасхальная инсталляция

Пасхальный заяц-фото

Пасхальный декор-пряники и цветыDo not forget about the candles. Easter – is in the form of eggs.

Пасхальные свечи-яйцаIf you don’t want to bother, you can buy ready, but to do it yourself is not difficult.

Свечи-пасхальные яйцаSimply pour the wax into the egg shell, place the wick, let cool candle.

Пасхальные свечи-яйца-как сделать

Пасхальные свечи-яйца-как сделать

Пасхальные свечи-яйца-как сделать Candles can successfully complement the Easter song.

Свечи в интерьере-подготовка к ПасхеI advise you to stock up on and thematic vocabularies. Original pictures your camera is secured!

Пасха-праздничная атрибутикаAs for Easter candy, it’s not only cakes, but also cakes, cookies, pies, cupcakes, candy.

Сладости в виде яйца-фото

Пирожное-пасхальный стол

Имбирные пасхальные пряники

Яйцо-сюрприз-фото 4

Яйцо-сюрприз-For the kids of all sweets is sure to make a full Easter candy-bar.

Easter candy bar-

Easter candy bar-photo 2As with the interior, stick to a single style.

Easter candy bar-photo 3

Easter candy bar-photo 4

Easter candy bar-photo 5

Easter candy bar-photo 6

Easter candy bar-photo 7

Easter candy bar-photo 8

Easter candy bar-photo 14

Easter candy bar-photo 12

Easter candy bar-photo 13

Easter candy bar-photo 10

Easter candy bar-photo 11And whatever your design, be aware that the main thing – to transform the house and to cook with love and pure thoughts, positive.

Пасхальный декор-идеи и предложенияAnd one more thing. Decorating your housing, don’t forget about the kitchen.

Декор кухни к Пасхе-фотоThis is the place where you in advance of Easter will have to spend a lot of time to prepare a festive table, pamper yourself and your family. So let there be a celebration.

Пасхальный декор-идеи фотоAnd we congratulate all our readers a happy Easter. Good for you and the world!

Весенний декор к Пасхе-коллажThank www.aliceandlois.com, www.idei-dekoru.co, www.homester.com.ua, www.honestlyyum.com, www.dreamalittlebigger.com, www.onegoodthingbyjillee.com, www.bestmammy.ru, www.brepurposed.porch.com and to all the authors for photos and creativity.

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