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Ecosystem Mi: Surround yourself with Xiaomi and stay happy

We have reached this level of life when to implement daily tasks become much easier thanks to the smart devices surrounding us. Not so long ago we were making plans, how this system is supposed to work, but now by his own example demonstrated the benefit of interaction with “smart” devices. Starting from smartphones and finishing with the more global projects, companies such as Xiaomi, strive to bring innovation into the life of each person.

Xiaomi initially took as the basis for his development of ecosytem devices. Wanting to create a great network of smart products for everyday use, company for 4 years helped to realize more than 89 startups. With the cost of only four of them already this year is estimated at $ 1 billion. USA. Despite the fact that Xiaomi owns significant stakes in all these firms-start-UPS, it treats them as its partners. Thus, the company managed to create the most favorable environment to achieve a common goal: development, improvement and subsequent implementation of the intelligent hardware products.

Xiaomi continues to expand its range of devices for our homes. A large number of users have already started to upgrade their homes, making it safer and “smarter”.

экосистема Xiaomi

The contents

  1. Xiaomi Partners
  2. Security
  3. Smart lighting
  4. Appliances
  5. Equip the house with Xiaomi
  6. Sports, health, beauty
  7. Assistance with care of Pets and plants
  8. Taking care of children
  9. Audio equipment, photo cameras, video
  10. Smartphones, tablets, laptops
  11. Extra charger
  12. Style and health
  13. Optional accessories
  14. Transport
  15. Insights

Xiaomi Partners

Each entity in the ecosystem is a complete partner providing a particular service and ensuring the fulfillment of assigned tasks.

In addition to those partners, the results of labor which we use in our house every day, there are companies that are engaged in software, after-sales support, as well as provide information support.

So, the Department Xiaomi MIUI Global is responsible for the software products of the brand, a Ukrainian official community MIUI Ukraine helps users of smart devices and other gadgets Xiaomi ecosystem to get professional support software MIUI in Ukraine and abroad.

Mi Service Ukraine services are provided to the devices ecosystem in Ukraine. Informacionnoi support does the Ukrainian community Mi Community in Ukraine. They give us an opportunity to preview a range of “smart” products Xiaomi.

Xiaomi Partners


Your house is built and it’s time to think about his safety. To resolve this issue will help developed in conjunction with partners LUMi and Aqara products Xiaomi.

LUMi is a company that provides smart home sensors and a free app “Smart home”. Aqara engaged in the development and creation of smart home systems and remote control housing.

Jointly with these businesses have been developed: remote switches, smart sockets, intelligent switches, water leak sensor, smart cornice, wireless button.

Remote switches allow you to control turning on and off lights throughout the house with one hand. Connecting air conditioning through a smart socket, it is possible to control it remotely via apps (enable/disable, auto-start, temperature). Smart switches allow you to control one light from two or more places of the apartment without new wiring. The water leak sensor will inform a sound signal about the threat of flooding. A clever ledge will give the opportunity to see the sunrise and hide from the moonlight, not getting out of bed, thanks to remote control via an app on your smartphone.

Smart device LUMi


The water leak sensor


Smart switch


Smart air conditioning

To monitor the house will be easier thanks to a sensor Aqara Door Sensor which will inform the mobile about the opening/closing of Windows and doors, additional Aqara sensor Temperature and Humidity Sensor provide control over temperature, humidity and atmosphere in the room.

Aqara Human Body Sensor is a sensor that recognizes the movements of man and animal, as well as the intensity of light, it will give information to other “smart” lighting device and those will light that part of the premises, which will be the host. Thus the apartment will not have to move in complete darkness until the next switch.

Smart device Aqara


Xiaomi smart socket Smart socket Aqara


Smart cornice Aqara Intelligent Curtain


Wireless button Aqara Smart Wireless Switch


sensor Aqara Human Body Sensor


Remote switch for Aqara Smart Light

The device Xiaomi not only provide maximum protection at home, because of sensors for the alarm, but also create the most favorable atmosphere to live in it.

Smart lighting

Once the issue with the security at home, we turn to the question of lighting. Already many owners in their homes refused to use incandescent lamps and moved on to upgraded “smart” lamp. These lamps have not only a basic function to illuminate the room, but also able to perform more complex tasks. In a separate review, we have raised the issue of smart lighting, talking about the advantages of this choice, the range of smart bulbs on the market and on the cost of such devices.

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Xiaomi is happy to cooperate with Yeelight, a company offering a new unique experience lighting solutions. In addition to the wall, table and children’s lamps that provide the right atmosphere in the room able to prepare for bed or Vice versa — to create a festive mood, Yeelight provides a Bluetooth remote control for lighting. All lamps are designed according to the technology of lightning protection and protection against overheating and overload.

Smart-lighting Yeelight


Lamp Kids Bedroom LED ceiling


Bluetooth remote control remote control Yeelight


Lamp Kids Bedroom LED ceiling


Led color tape Yeelight LED Lightstrip

Another partner of Xiaomi, working to create “smart” lighting is the company CooWoo. She in addition to electric lamps produce car chargers for mobile devices.

And now our house is not only protected but also lit only smart-devices Xiaomi. Not stopping there, we move on to home equipment and appliances Xiaomi.


Xiaomi smart appliances will help to keep the house clean, will provide its residents with treated water, clean air, to help Housewives with minimal time to prepare a culinary masterpiece. And contributed to the creation of such assistants partners: VioMi, SmartMi, SWDK, MiniJ, iCHUNMi, Roborock.

To analyze the degree of pollution of air, cleanse and moisturize it became possible thanks to the devices of the partner company Xiaomi — SmartMi. Analyzer air pollution SmartMi PM 2.5 Air Detector is able to track even the smallest dust particles up to 0.3 microns. Humidifier SmartMi White Humidifier is equipped with UV lamp which disinfects water and kills disease-causing bacteria. Due to the small flow of water the device can work up to 16 hours on one filling.

A selection of Xiaomi provided by such assistants as Electrolube SWDK, washer Xiaomi MiJia MiniJ Smart Mini White, robot vacuum Robot Vacuum Cleaner Mi.



Stiralnaya MiniJ


Robot vacuum cleaner Robot Vacuum Cleane Mi


Electrolube SWDK

Taking care of family health, Xiaomi offers to buy the equipment for water purification, developed with partners VioMi. With these partners Xiaomi releases a stylish and compact thermos with sturdy ergonomic lid with latch and stainless steel case.

Appliances Xiaomi will help to keep your home clean and minimizes time spent on cleaning.

Equip the house with Xiaomi

Limiting yourself to only Xiaomi devices, we have managed to protect the house, to light it, to acquire equipment to maintain the cleanliness and healthy climate.

Continue and go to the kitchen. The company, together with partners Yi wu yi shi, and Fine Mading has developed a pan, a saucepan, a set of pots. Dishes are made from three layers of metal that allows the best way to distribute the heat over the entire surface of the cookware to avoid burning food. In the range includes chopsticks and Cutlery set with wood cutting boards from bamboo. Manufacturers focus on sustainability, durability and longevity of their devices.

The tea party will be even nicer with a Cup of Fine Mading, which are made from luxury porcelain. FINEMADING – partner of Xiaomi, created a “luxury” product that combines high-quality porcelain production of the world famous French company Hermes and luxury wood from China, Europe, USA and Africa.

Kitchenware Xiaomi


Pan Yi Wu Yi Shi Pan


Frying pan wok Yi Wu Yi Shi Wok




Set of wooden Cutlery Yi Wu Yi Shi


Cutting Board YiwuYishi Kitchen desk wood

Equipping the bedroom, you might consider bedding sets JolieHome Yi Tian, made of flax, or Tonight Bed Linens — 70% cotton, 30% bamboo. Another offer Tonight from Bed Linens that could complement the comfort of your home, is a compact and lightweight blanket made from environmentally friendly materials (100% bamboo), no glue and toxic substances.

Those who value rest and recuperation in sleep can ponder the purchase of high-tech mattress Xiaomi Mi 8N. More company 8N offers to buy pillows, blankets and frameless puffs.

An indispensable tool for any host to be an innovative products manufacturer Wowtation, namely, smart screwdriver, a set of bits for it and a magnetic Board for storing screws from the repaired gadgets.

Smart device Wowtation


A set of nozzles for screwdriver smart Wowstick Wowbits-S


Smart screwdriver Wowstick 1FS

As a result, we again managed to do only sentences Xiaomi to equip the recreation area, and environmentally compatible materials we have secured a healthy sleep.

Sports, health, beauty

In the examples we have already seen that Xiaomi company with us cares about maintaining the health of our family. Also assistants in this task are partners such as Miaomiaoce, iHealth, Purely, ZSH, COTTONSMITH.

ZenMeasure thermometer Smart Thermometer designed specifically for temperature control of the kids, for the convenience of its use made it small, only 34 mm. the Sensor does not cause allergies as it is made of special stainless steel. It is protected from moisture and water standard IPX6. Smart thermometer operates in the range of 32 to 42 °C and transmits data about the child’s health to your smartphone even at a distance. All dimensions of the device coming to the smartphone via Bluetooth to a special app that keeps track of all indicators.

Термометр Miaomiaoce ZenMeasure Smart ThermometerFor active people who like to swim, will be interested in the offer, the company iHealth. WAVE AM4 — waterproof fitness tracker that combines 2 modes: technical and navigation mode, by which he determines indications of physical activity, counts steps and calories burned, measures the duration of the workout, besides, it determines the styles of swimming, the number of movements, as well as their frequency. A smart scale iHealth Core will help to follow a proper diet and choose foods with a specific caloric content. Core can measure a variety of vital indicators such as body mass index, the maintenance of bone and muscle tissue, the amount of visceral fat.

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Smart device iHealth


IHealth scales Core HS6


Fitness-tracker iHealth WAVE AM4

Your home first aid kit can refill heart rate monitor and blood pressure monitor manufacturer. Possible, to purchase a mobile blood pressure cuff on the wrist for those who want to constantly monitor your blood pressure.

Purely – manufacturer of state of the art respirators with an active filter and a fan. Unlike his predecessors, Purely the mask fresh air mask has a thin plastic fan that makes breathing easier and can work at different speeds. Also the range of a set of filters for the masks.

Xiaomi, wanting to deprive you of reasons to worry about the security used in everyday items, offers towels ZSH, antimicrobial and underwear Cottonsmith, made of natural cotton with the Wicking Windows technology. Towels ZSH technology Polygiene, — environmentally safe, very soft, dry quickly. And technology, Wicking Windows, used in the production of linen Cottonsmith, will provide 40% faster evaporation than similar models, moreover, does not cause allergies.

Assistance with care of Pets and plants

Maintain perfect cleanliness in the house, to monitor the condition of plants, behavior of animals it is sometimes very difficult. Xiaomi with its products will help implement this work. To ensure thorough care of plants was simply due to the sensors for plants. Using them, you will be able to track the moisture level, lighting, temperature. A clever flower pot RoPot, which is equipped with a built-in battery and electronics, maintains soil moisture and a predetermined amount of fertilizer in it. This way you will not have to worry about the condition of your plants in the house, even during check out.

To control the activity of the dog, sleep, as well as provide security at night will help smart tag Amazpet.

The care of animals and plants in the house


Sensor for plants, Smart Flower and Plant Monito


Smart flower pot Huahuacaocao RoPott)


Smart tag Amazpet

It turns out that again we were able to save time, solve more cases and all this contributes to smart-tech Xiaomi.

Taking care of children

Most of the time we are ready to devote to their children, worrying about their safety and health. In this issue we actively support partners Xiaomi — BEVA and SON OF OAK.

The company produces mats for kids from environmentally friendly materials. Mat puzzle OF SON OF OAK made of balsa wood. Tube is incredibly elastic and impact-resistant material. Using a special patented technology, the manufacturer was able to achieve shibamoto each puzzle Mat up to 180°. This ensures the safety of the health of the child when possible awkward movements. If the child stumbles, the cork Mat will cushion his fall. The Mat was created without the use of any toxic substances and has been certified by independent organizations, after passing many tests in the absence of hazardous substances. And cork is a bad conductor of sound and your child will not disturb the neighbors.

Коврик пазл для детей SON OF OAKIn addition to children’s rugs company BEVA produces toys, clothing, and textiles. A novelty was the manufacture of reusable diapers. They are made from natural 100% cotton. As the name implies, their main feature is the reusable. Diapers absolutely does not irritate baby skin, because besides the fact that they are made from natural material, they do not contain any chemicals and dyes.

Products BEVA


Speaker Xiaomi Beva Magic Star Bluetooth Speaker Pink


Set of baby clothes BEVA


Wooden Designer BEVA Variety Assembled Building Blocks


A set of children’s towels BEVA


Baby reusable diapers BEVA

And here’s a baby baby room is also equipped as only the products of Xiaomi, which confirms a wide range of assortment. Our site also has a small selection of toys Xiaomi.

Audio equipment, camera, video

XGiMi partner of Xiaomi, manufacturer of projectors and home theater. In the range the company has projectors and accessories. XGiMi Z4 Aurora — led projector that can turn any surface into a 300-inch screen with excellent brightness and image sharpness. The manufacturer guarantees excellent sound quality, and measurement Converter-converts any 2D video to 3D. Also developed a more powerful and more expensive projector XGiMi H1. This home cinema system all-in-one with Android operating system, a massive display up to 300″, a powerful color scheme 900 ANSI lum, day light or bright light and Bluetooth Hi-Fi stereo sound. With such equipment the need to go to the cinema disappears by itself.

The Projector XGiMi


XGiMi Z4 Aurora


XGiMi H1

Goods manufacturers acoustics premium 1MORE and high quality Bluetooth headsets – QCY at least interesting to consider, if we are talking about compact and high quality audio devices.

Many have purchased and actively use the popular action camera, smart camera, DVR, camera for home, TV, production partner Xiaomi — XiaoYi. If you want to build a home “smart” audio, video and photographic equipment, Xiaomi company will be happy to help.

Photo, video, Xiaomi


Action camera Camera YI




Camera YI M1 Mirrorless Digital Camera

Smartphones, tablets, laptops

These categories of products, in principle, are in high demand among the range of offerings Xiaomi they are also one of the most popular.

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For example, the principle of operation of most smart devices are designed so that you can manage them remotely and for the implementation of these tasks will need a smartphone. Xiaomi has been actively releasing as a budget model, and happy flagships.

No less popular tablets Xiaomicharacterized by vivid design, practical size and affordable prices.

Not so long ago Xiaomi started producing and laptops, yet not gain such popularity like smartphones or tablets, but has already attracted the attention of a considerable audience. Without changing the traditions, the company provides a product that even at an early stage of acquaintance with him already makes its appearance. User reviews indicate that the characteristics of these laptops a good. It can be assumed that in the future the situation will be the same as with smartphones — users are not able to overpay for the brand, will actively use laptops Xiaomi and actively to promote them.

 Extra charger

The house is already teeming with Xiaomi devices, but this is not the limit. In order for your smart phone was always charged and you stay connected, the company proposes to purchase the external battery. ZMi – manufacturer powebanks, batteries, accumulators and chargers for them. For production use only advanced technology. If you need additional charger, cable or adapter, contact the manufacturer, and you will find everything you need. Another partner specializing in this kind of product is KingMi – a company that produces exclusive safe extension cords and cable products for the Mi.



KingMi Multi USB port power adaptor with 5 USB


ZMi Powerbank 10000mAh


KingMi Colorful Portable USB cable 20 cm


ZMi cable Micro-USB


Mains charger ZMi White AP511


Batteries ZMi Rainbow AAA batteries

With Xiaomi equipment home chargers, also closed.

Style and health

In addition to the aforementioned partner iHealth and fitness tracker WAVE AM4, Xiaomi specializiruetsya in the production of smart-bracelets, smart-watches and smart scales. Using one of these gadgets, I can personally confirm how indispensable this can be the device.

If the size of your room allow you to equip facilities, offer several gadgets from Xiaomi. Move It — the world’s first mobile gym with intelligent control. For the control of body weight during exercise will be useful to buy a car, Mi Smart. The excuse that you don’t have athletic shoes to start school, it does not work, the company has already thought about this and offers light Jogging sneakers FreeTie.

Sports equipment Xiaomi


Xiaomi Smart Scale




Xiaomi FreeTie sports shoes


Fitness bracelet Mi Band 2

A minimum, we need to start playing sports. More sporting goods, including footwear, apparel, equipment and accessories for professional and leisure purposes can offer Xiaomi partnership with Li-Ning.

Separate development sets for sports Xiaomi deals with the company MITOWN.

It’s time to think about their own style and the acquisition of a polarized nylon sunglasses with effective UV protection and for rainy days — the purchase incredibly compact and technologically advanced umbrella Pinlo. And all the Xiaomi range. To complement your way of quality and fashionable clothing company.

Stylish offers from Xiaomi


RoidMi B1 Anti-Blue Glasses Protect


Steinhardt Turok Sunglasses Women SR002-1420


Steinhardt Turok Sunglasses Women SR001


Umbrella Pinlo


Steinhardt Turok Sunglasses Women SR003-0120

Optional accessories

If your life is full of journeys, it is helpful to acquire a stylish and convenient case 90 points suitcase. For not very long trips, the company has provided backpacks and bags smaller displacement. And for a comfortable flight there is a range of practical and stylish clothes.

Suitcases and bags Xiaomi


RunMi 90 Points Travel bag


Bag RunMi 90 Points Ligh


Suitcase suitcase 90 points


Bag-postman RunMi 90GOFUN Simple Urban Messenger Bag

Business people may be interested in purchasing the following accessories from Xiaomi: leather wallets, high quality cases for smartphones and notebooks, gel pens and other stationery. Interesting is the development partner DiiZiGN — stand for notebook and smartphone with brilliant design.

Accessories from Xiaomi


Fountain pen KACO SKY Premium Plastic Fountain Pen


Leather purse “wallet, wallet” Xiaomi


Shaving kit Set Razor Handx

This line of reasoning, come to the conclusion that Xiaomi devices, we are able to arrange as a sports area and a workplace in the house.


Returning to the issue of transport and travel, in addition to spacious and secure Luggage, drivers will be useful to consider smart devices for vehicles, memory, transmitters and, if necessary, points which have Xiaomi.

For the urban environment movement of the company provides bicycles, scooters and the unicycles. Xiaomi supports a healthy lifestyle and in this issue, offering to combine a trip with the sport.

Smart device for movement


Scooter Ninebot mini


Unicycle Ninebot Scooter mini


YunBike X1


YunBike C1


In this review, we demonstrated the potential of Xiaomi, starting from its proposed products. Has determined how building can be equipped exclusively with devices of the company. The main thing — we are talking about smart house equipped with smart devices that support a healthy climate, cleanliness and comfort in it. Not being confined to the walls of the house, we went beyond it, in order to demonstrate the unlimited possibilities of the produced devices and areas in which they can be used. After analyzing the functionality of gadgets, came to the conclusion — all the Xiaomi devices are made with care for our health.

Ecosystem Mi: Surround yourself with Xiaomi and stay happy

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