The Microsoft ecosystem: cloud services

The Microsoft ecosystem: cloud services

In recent years, the topic of cloud services has become one of the most popular in the IT field, of which it is written many articles and conducted more conferences, and many solutions already exist on the market (and all used by us in daily life, sometimes even unconsciously), and do not count. Cloud services have become an integral part of any ecosystem, the cornerstone of storing large amounts of information, and a convenient way of obtaining it from any device.

A large amount of data that has accumulated on the Internet, you need somewhere to store, while having instant access to them. All this requires high cost and investment, because you need to create servers to store this information. If you are a business or regular user, but do not want to buy server hardware, then you just need cloud services. They are a convenient medium for storing and processing information that combines hardware, licensed software, communication channels, and technical support. Work in the “cloud” is aimed at reducing costs and increasing efficiency of enterprises and ordinary users.

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1. Microsoft Azure

2. Why you need cloud vault to the common user?

3. OneDrive

At Microsoft, we have long understood the importance of using cloud services, so pay the development of this direction almost the focus at this time. After all, who owns the information, owns the world. And it understands in Microsoft, trying to provide services for information storage in the “cloud” not only enterprise customers, but ordinary users of computers and smartphones, in independence what operating system they work.

Microsoft has turned its attention to the fast-growing cloud application and platform that helps her to cope with sluggish demand for personal computers. It should be noted that cloud services bring aftername giant very good profit in our time. Today we’ll talk about the basic cloud services of Microsoft.


Microsoft Azure


According to themselves the developers of the company Microsoft, Azure is a comprehensive set of cloud services that developers and it professionals can use to create and deploy applications, and manage through a global network of data centers. With the help of integrated tools that DevOps Marketplace and you will be able to create simple mobile applications and Internet solutions.

On the plans for Windows Azure Microsoft announced in October 2008 and in early 2009, the platform has started to work with the beta testing. Since then it has constantly evolved, adding both infrastructure and application possibilities. Fundamentally important milestone for Windows Azure can be considered the Jun 2012. It was at this time released a new version of the system, which became available in full and for our users.

Microsoft Azure-the network of supercomputers

Briefly what is Windows Azure from Microsoft? Being the Microsoft cloud platform with a number of different services,Windows Azure allows you to create, deploy and manage absolutely any decisions. In other words, Windows Azure is an inexhaustible source of opportunities. Whatever your company is a transnational giant with intensive server applications or small firm that needs a website serious level, Windows Azure will be the plat-
a form of cloud-based applications for all occasions.


Speaking in plain clear to the ordinary users of the language, then Windows Azure is a kind of network of massive supercomputers. Under the network of supercomputers means something that performs your tasks with unlimited performance. What are the challenges? Using a Microsoft account ID using the applications of Office 365, OneDrive, Outlook mail and many other online Microsoft services — you, in reality, the use of Windows Azure resources on which these services run on servers in the form of special applications or virtual machines. You do not think, just consume some resources. When these resources are not sufficient to perform certain tasks, Azure creates new instances of applications or virtual machines for your task. At the moment Microsoft has such data centers (centres, data processing, data center) 19 in the world, and they are built on the principle of container construction. Imagine a sea container, which contains thousands of computers whose resources are merged in one single unit with Windows Azure. These containers are delivered under one roof of a huge data center with the appropriate cooling, power, communication channels, and duplicated many times. This is Windows Azure. Special software allows users to obtain and distribute resources. In Windows Azure there are three types of resources.

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The types of resources in Microsoft Azure

The first is the services that you can consume. It and postal services free and paid Office 365 resources. The operation of such services has a warranty service upgrade. You simply pay for the consumption of these resources.

Azure 1

The second use case is when you write your own code. For example, the company wants to do some super-task of calculating the strength of bridges, but has no resources. The biggest consumers of Windows Azure are the oil companies to analyze the fields of pharmaceutical and chemical companies to analyze risks to launch their products. Scenes with awesome special effects for many of today’s films also “considered” in Azure. All of these companies, write your code and Windows Azure helps them in complex calculations. And instead invest in upgrading their iron, the company only invests calculations. They pay only for performed work. The cost of the machine hours is determined by the task. In Windows Azure there are also databases are also structured storage where you can store your files. If you need private storage outside of the cloud, they will cost you dearly. To afford, not everyone can, and, again, it is the capital costs that can be recouped very long time, and “iron” in our time older very quickly. In Windows Azure you only pay for actual usage of storage space. You get the database ready service SQL server, which your apps can use. To understand how interesting service SQL server in Windows Azure, just look at the statistics, use SQL — it is used by 20 million users of working hours per day. Every company needs an authentication system such as Active Directory. Windows Azure and you will be able to help you. This Azure Active Directory can be used by companies regardless of their size or volume of tasks. For example, a company Director is Active locally in Office 365, intranets, providing thousands of computers, but even one thousand is working in the so-called “fields”. Are they separate branches, each of them will have to put the domain controllers, to ensure high-quality communication channel. All this entails costs. Azure Active Directory to authenticate users and computers in the cloud without spending money on hardware and software. 500 million users worldwide are already using Active Directory from Azure and pay per usage.

And the last function of this supercomputer is an opportunity in the form of virtual machines to run your entire infrastructure or part of it. It does not need to write code, no need for ready. Now in Ukraine is very popular, from the point of view of security, to keep all 1C in the form of Windows Azure virtual machines. There start a virtual machine that is located in one of the data centers that receives all the necessary resources, and can scale. The local network runs through a VPN and you get access to everything you need. Accountant clicks on the icon on your desktop, without even knowing where it starts, where data is stored. Windows Azure protects you and creates a backup in the event of a failure during operation.

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The Benefits Of Microsoft Azure

The main advantage is full coverage all over the world. 19 data centers provide unlimited opportunities to perform modern tasks. A network of global data centers, software which allows you to make your services, the virtual machines that run applications with maximum performance, security. In Azure, your machine has three copies, two of which are local, one hot. That is, the loss of data is excluded. 19 data centers is more than have competitors from Amazon and Google combined.


Why you need cloud vault to the common user?

I am often asked to explain clearly why a modern person needs to use cloud storage. The easiest argument to use the cloud is the fact that I can anywhere and from any device to access the desired file or document. I don’t need to carry a laptop or a flash drive, not to mention the pile of papers with the draft, a lecture or presentation. Enough to keep it all in the cloud service OneDrive on any device to retrieve it from Microsoft simply by entering their account information. I also can store photos, music, documents, free up space on your smartphone or tablet. Even accidentally deleting any photo from your smartphone, you can easily find it in OneDrive. She will remain there literally instantly after the photo is taken. For me cloud storage is convenience, comfort, mobility,access anywhere and from any device.


OneDrive 1

If Microsoft Azure will be more interesting to corporate customer of Microsoft, OneDrive cloud storage available and a simple user. Moreover, the vault is cross-platform, so you can use it not only as the owner of the device on Windows but also on Android and iOS. Let’s take a closer try to understand how to install this repository, how to use it. Also find out what are its advantages over competitors.

A bit of history. Cloud storage from Microsoft appeared at the beginning of 2007. At Microsoft foresaw the need of storing data in the cloud, and understand the importance of cloud storage for the average user. However when it was called SkyDrive, but because of a lawsuit the British broadcaster British Sky Broadcasting Group, which accused Microsoft of plagiarism had to change the name of your cloud storage. So in 2014, as a result of the rebranding came the now familiar name OneDrive. OneDrive is a special service for cloud storage and file synchronization across devices. In essence, it is a common cloud such as Google Drive or iCloud.

How to use OneDrive?

In order to use a cloud service to OneDrive in the first place, you must have a Microsoft account. Without it, you will not be able to install and start using this cloud storage. To do this in the browser go to the official website of OneDrive, where you must enter your Microsoft account or you will be prompted immediately to create. The usual procedure, which will not take you much time.

OneDrive 3

After the registration you need to sign in to OneDrive. You for free will be available only 5 GB of cloud space,though earlier it was 15 GB. But later Microsoft decided to reduce the amount of free space to 5 GB, which certainly is not enough in today’s realities. The same competitors from Google provides 15 GB of space. Although do not despair as you have a legitimate chance way to increase your storage. In OneDrive there is a bonus program for every friend you get about 5 GB in addition to its existing space.This way you can get up to 10 GB of space. Also before it was possible to get 15 GB for OneDrive activation on smartphones with Windows Phone and 10 GB thanks to the loyalty program. Microsoft sometimes holds such shares. But if you buy and activate on my laptop Office 365 Home , you get premium features like OneDrive and 1 TB of space. Agree that a very good offer, considering that office applications can be activated on 5 computers and each of them will receive 1 TB of space.Also you will be able to purchase 50 GB for 66, 99 UAH, which is also quite a lucrative proposal.

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How does OneDrive?

If you use the device on Windows 10 and signed in with a Microsoft account, OneDrive is already installed in your computer. You’ll see it by opening the Explorer or clicking in the tray icon in the form of a cloud. The first time you need to sync OneDrive to the device that you are using. To do this, simply put a check mark next to those folders you want to sync with OneDrive. Now you can store any file on OneDrive, whether it’s photos, videos, documents and access them from any of your computers or mobile devices. The files are organized by type, so that you can easily find what you need. It is also important to work with cloud services. Also the storage can be accessed through the browser. For this you need to go to the appropriate website OneDrive.

OneDrive 2

The most interesting innovation appeared to OneDrive update Windows 10 Update Fall Creators. Now in OneDrive for devices running on Windows 10 now has a “File request”. In short, you can now access the cloud storage without access to the Internet. Agree that is a very cool thing. Suffice it to sync files to OneDrive and decide how you want to keep them. Either in the cloud or using the device memory or available locally. The latter method is very convenient because it will save disk space and will be available on request.If you need to free up space, you can re-make the file available only through the Internet. Simply click on a file, right-click and select “Free up space”.

Why should you use OneDrive?

To begin with, what is cloud storage from Microsoft will already be installed in your computer immediately after you enter into it using a Microsoft account. In other words it is not necessary to download and install to your laptop. You can also get 1 TB of space if you install Office 365 Home or Personal. Best way, buy and get office applications and 1TB of space, which is the price competitors almost as well worth it. But they are still no competitive office solutions.

OneDrive 4

An important advantage is the cross platform support for other operating systems. Even on laptops from Apple you can use it, not to mention smartphones on iOS or Android. Download the app, sign in with the Microsoft account and all documents, photographs or files from your smartphone instantly will appear on your laptop or desktop PC. From my own experience I can say that on smartphones it works better than any other cloud applications. Sometimes the pictures that I made on my Xiaomi Mi 6 , faster appear in OneDrive than Google Drive. To see them on the laptop, just open the app and voila.

Summing up

In the huge flow of information and a large amount of data very difficult time to navigate.For the cloud technology future. It is understood by all major players in the market of IT technologies. One who will be able to provide the right information at the right time for a certain device, he will receive recognition from users, as well as profit.

Microsoft has managed to create cloud services for corporate clients, providing them with the possibility of using Microsft Azure and Windows 10 users. We have to admit that this company managed very well.

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